August 4, 2020

You’ve Got This: 6 Steps to Rock Your Homeschool

Have you found yourself feeling that 2020 has been like living in a reality show? Have you found yourself suddenly crisis homeschooling? Did you used to think about homeschooling, "Never in my wildest dreams?" You are not alone! Many have felt that way.

For many teachers, students, and parents, "Crisis Distant Learning" was very challenging. Some hung in there. Others realized that distant learning did not work for their families and opted to immediately for homeschooling. Starting to teach your children in a crisis, with little time to prepare can be difficult. Schools are grappling with ongoing public health directives and many parents are deciding to keep their children home in the fall. 

If you are planning to homeschool your children this fall, you might be wondering, "Where can I start and how can I make this a better experience?" We are now in August. Use this time before school starts, to switch gears, learn more about homeschooling, make connections, and make the needed adjustments to home life. Some call this detox, some call this time de-schooling,  I am callng this time a reset.  Life is different when we are around each other 24/7.  I am suggesting six things you can do that will help you rock this homeschool thing.

6 Ways to Rock Your Homeschool

1. MomCulture

Take time to take care of you, so you have the clarity of what is important, as well as the spiritual, emotional, social, and physical strength to enjoy the journey. Do not scoff. This is vital. I used to have this as number five on my list. I moved it to number one because, "if mom is not happy, no one is happy." Too many moms neglect themselves and it hurts not just their heal and wellbeing, but their families, too. You can homeschool, create a beautiful home, and take care of yourself, as well.

2. Journal Your Why 

Study and learn about homeschooling. Pray about homeschooling. Read your scriptures. Write down your answers. Why are you homeschooling? Be crystal clear. This will help strengthen you during the harder days.  Envision your family at the end of their homeschool journey.  What will they be as a result of being educated and raised in your home?

3. Assess

Check the pulse. Assess your strengths and your family's strengths and areas that need strengthening. Consider social, emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual strengths.

What is the vision you are trying to accomplish?

4. Map

Map your journey. What books and resources do you want in your home? What family traditions and resources are needed to promote:

I. Your Home Library
II. Homeculture
III. Preparedness
1. Literacy
2. Career / Life Mission / Life Purpose
3. Resourcefulness
4. Provident Living
5. Physical Health
6. Social Development
7. Emotional Health
8. Spiritual Strength
IV. Travel
V. Events

5. Foundations

What routines and habits do you need to build for homeschool to run smoothly?
Family Devotions 
Family Meal Time Traditions 
Read Aloud Time
Road to Independent Work: The Discipline of Habit; Family Work; Dominion Training; and Dominion 
Leisure to Learn 
Family Recital Time 
Quiet Time 
Family Fun 
Wild Days- Nature Walks
Crazy Days- Field trips 
Cultural Refinement 
Bed time Routines

6. Record Keeping

This can be as easy as a composition book. Start each page with recording the teaching you did with your children that day. Add each child. What did you teach each child individually? What did they learn independently? 

What about Pre-schoolers? Here are some resources and suggestion for parents with children not yet school aged.

As you work through these six steps, may you gain more confidence, home school with less stress, and whatever you do...Enjoy the Journey! 

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