June 3, 2015

Give Your Child an EDGE in Life!

Are you a parent who struggles with what are the best options for your preschool-aged (under the compulsory school age for your state) children?

Consider that age three is when children develop trust. Children need to be with mom, not with others, no matter how awesome the school or program. 

 Most boys typically develop later than most girls. Most boys (60%+) are not "developmentally ready" for kindergarten at age five, regardless of IQ.

Preschool is unnecessary for healthy child development and is not required in any state!

Early academics are not how to give children the EDGE.

Read to them. Take walks with them. Invite them to help you in the kitchen, sort and fold laundry, and clean together.

Avoid the need to "entertain." Rather, think of giving them the EDGE!

EDIFY your child through teaching them to pray, sing faith-based songs, learn Bible verse memorization, learn to serve others, and teach them the Bible stories. This helps them develop a sense of right and wrong, and to discern truth from error, good from evil.

DEVELOP their heart and brain, with family work, family play, family service, habit training, as well as, lots of running, climbing, crawling, jumping, spinning, sliding, swing, brachiating, and balancing to integrate the brain and help develop brain-body balance, core strength, manual dexterity, executive function, attention span, risk-taking skill, and so much more.

GROW your child, through a healthy diet, exercise, sunshine, and proper rest. We are what we eat and we are our lifestyle. All of this impacts their ability to learn and retain knowledge.

ENGAGE your child's heart, mind, and imagination through shared stories, family history stories, nursery rhymes, singing children's songs/folk songs, visiting museums, going to the zoo, exploring the world around your child, gardening, handwork/crafts, and experimenting on new knowledge that they discover while exploring their world. Also, speak descriptively, use color, size, direction, time language, and quantity. This builds their vocabulary and builds a reference for understanding needed later for math and science. 

If you are planning to homeschool, your children won't be transitioning into a classroom for first grade, and so they won't need kindergarten either. Almost all states require that schools provide kindergarten. However, children of five years old are not required to be in school in 40 out of 50 states! That is 80% of the states! 

Kindergarten was originally designed to help transition underprivileged children from home into the public school classroom experience. And also to help defray childcare costs for working-class parents. If your children are to be homeschooled they do not need a preschool class, nor do they need a kindergarten curriculum.

This EDGE is what advantaged children used to get before people started doing academic preschools or for those who homeschool, who do school at home, younger and younger. Giving your children this EDGE will give your children a developmental, social, and intellectual advantage, their peers will be missing out.

While your children's peers are not building the brain and core body balance, because they are in developmentally inappropriate activities in school, your children will be developing attention span, focus, executive function, and frontal lobe growth, and more. So, give your child the EDGE, you will be glad you did!

For more indepth information on the 20th and 21st Century Preschool studies and more ideas on how to apply the EDGE, check out our book on Amazon!

"What You Need to Know About Homeschooling Preschoolers and Kindergarteners: A Practical Guide to Homeschooling" by Donna Goff and Julia Groves  HERE

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