Hello, Mentoring Our Own is the place to find mentoring, online services and resources that will help you in your homeschool, family, home, and life. Hosted by Donna Goff, the Homeschool Mommy Mentor!


I speak at Conferences and other venues, both in person and on line. I also do live hands-on workshops. Click HERE for the latest events.

Webinars and Online Workshops

These webinars and workshops are offered online and are also available to be presented live in your home or at a venue that you provide. For those desiring to host a live presentation or workshop, please contact me for details and to learn about our hostess special. To learn more about my upcoming webinars and online workshops, click HERE. 


The 15 Minute Scholar Coming this fall!   

Are you in need of momculture? Would you like to expand the depth and breadth of your education and set an example for your children? Would you like to connect with other moms and build a community of supportive friends? Are you homeschooling, raising a family, and in need of stimulating and thought provoking conversation? To find out more click HERE.  

Private Mentoring

Are you struggling to wrap your mind around homeschooling? Do you need help getting started? Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you need someone to assist you with homeschool strategies to help move you towards homeschool victory?

Private Mentoring is one-on-one, individualized mentoring. These sessions are held privately over the phone or online. Click HERE for more information.

Group Mentoring

Are you starting your homeschool journey and feel unsure of where to begin? Are you a veteran homeschooler approaching burnout and need a new beginning? Are you trying to meet the needs of preschoolers and wondering how to home school children of various ages and needs? Are you stuck in the guilt trap of- "Do I continue lessons today, or do I stop and clean?" Are your children fighting you on school work and chores? We will address these issues and more in these group mentoring sessions.

Contact me for Group Mentoring.