Power of an Hour Overview

​What is Power of an Hour?

Power of an Hour: Gateway to a Classical Education is a KJV Bible-based, family-centered, grab and go, open and grow, all-in-one home school curriculum.  We have spent many hours researching, assembling, and formatting this easy to use, grab and grow, open and go program to provide you with the tools to obtain a classical education.

Teamed with your KJV Bible reading and classic literature reading, this program will take you about an hour a day, five days a week, 36 weeks a year (180 days) plus a Sunday bonus.

The Power of an Hour is presented in a weekly format with a different focus each day that all ties in to an overall yearly theme cycle.

Theme Cycles:

  • Year 1- Old Testament and Ancient Times-Creation to 1 AD
  • Year 2- New Testament and Medieval Times- 1 AD- 1500 AD
  • Year 3- Old Testament and Age of Discovery - 1500 AD- 1800 AD
  • Year 4- New Testament and Modern Times 1800 AD to the Present.

Daily - Weekly Overview:

1- A Bible Story 
2- Classic Read Aloud
3- Gateway to Learning:

Monday-Art History, Art Appreciation, Art Terms (Year 3), and Spelling  Rules
Tuesday- Music History, Music Appreciation, Music Terms (Year 2) and Grammar Rules
Wednesday- Math/Science History and Living Math/Science 
Thursday- World Leaders, World Geography, and Language Arts (Beginning Hebrew (Year 1), Anglo-Saxon Roots (Year 2), or Latin Roots (Year 3), beginning Greek/ Greek Roots (Year 4)
Friday- Poetry History, Poetry, Poetry Terms (year 4), US Geography, and Geography terms

(Year 1).
Sunday-Bonus: a Noble Person of Faith (from history) and a Character Development Theme-a Classic Excerpt, Discussion Points,  Bible Verse and a Quote.

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