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Welcome to Mentoring Our Own!

I am glad you are here.  To all of you who are new to homeschooling and those who are in the trenches, I want you to know that I understand. 

I have been there where you are now.  I was once that young parent, wondering if I could do this, wanting a bright and happy future for my children, and wondering if I was enough!

In the beginning, I read up on homeschool philosophy, attended homeschool conferences, searched curriculums, prayed, and then did the best I could.

Even so, there were many times during the first years, I felt I was missing something and in spite of my best efforts I still asked myself if I was enough.

Thankfully, I felt led to great mentors who helped me and encouraged me to understand I was enough.  I just needed the right tools and support!

For those of you who are where I once was, now it is my turn to pay it forward and help you as I have been helped along the way.


It is thorough. I am learning things with my children I've never learned before, from History to Geography to Grammar!
Marjorie P.

I am really enjoying the Premium Membership course. It helps me to understand concepts practically and also see the bigger picture!

Jess A.Tennessee

"Donna Goff is brilliant and very inspiring. She has dedicated her whole heart and soul into the variety of products she offers.

She is very well educated and has much wisdom and experience that moms can glean from. She is such a great mentor!

Power of an Hour was definitely inspired. How powerful to put all parts of education into a hour with the base and focus on what is most important... scripture.

I am so glad she had dedicated her life to helping us share in her efforts. She helps provide us with a great "spine" for our education and has a truly amazing setup with all the scholar projects and timelines.

I enjoy her articles and her profound take on family work. I am excited to get a membership to her new site so I can learn all the different virtues from the classics and teach them to my children.

I just want to say: Thank you for all you do, Donna!

Natalie F.Washington

For many years, our homeschool has benefited from Donna's down-to-earth and practical approach to education.

We have enjoyed the process of improving our intellect and home skills as we learned and applied the principles taught by Donna through her academies. If you wish to bring your home education environment to a higher level of success, Donna can help!

Merari S. 
Killeen, TX

I am personally truly ecstatic about the Power of an Hour family resource created by Donna Goff. We are using this for our homeschool this year and likely beyond! Donna has gathered in one place the "classical core" knowledge that is missing from our society and you hope/want/feel you should be providing your kids. This is "cultural literacy" at its finest and elevating--taught with a rich "best of the best" humanities perspective: gospel truths, elevating quotations, history, language arts, noble lives, art and music and basic skills often neglected such as spelling, history, grammar, geography, classical roots of words etc. Check it out!

Michele S.
Highland, Utah