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These webinars and workshops are offered online and are also available to be presented live in your home or at a venue that you provide. For those desiring to host a live presentation or workshop, please contact me for details and to learn about our hostess special.  Webinars and Workshops are FREE LIVE.  While Workshops are free, the accompanying materials are not.  The workshops provide more in-depth information.

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    Live Webinar:

    Special Topic
    Math: A Mastery Approach

    Are you homeschooling multiple children? How can the One-room School House model rock your home school?

    The one-room schoolhouse approach appeals to many, but where is the training on this? We have been conditioned to separate our children into grades and classified by age, for over the past 100 years.

    Yet, research shows that the one- room schoolhouse approach is more effective both academically and socially, than dividing by age and grade.

    How can we successfully transition back to the one-room schoolhouse and help our children soar as independent learners?

    I invite you to come learn:

    How to benefit your children and implement a 21st Century One-Room Schoolhouse Approach in your home.

    Replicate a unique modern system that has worked for hundreds of home school families.

    Special Topic this Month:
    "One-Room School House: Math--A Mastery Approach." We will discuss how you can do this in the home. 
    This Webinar Includes Q & A.

    Math-- A Mastery Approach
    FREE Live Webinar

    28 September 2017

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    Learn How to HomeschoolChildren of Different Ages & Abilities:

    "A Classical Education Made Easy"

    "Power of an Hour: 

    Gateway to a Classical Education"

    Free Webinar with Q & A

    12 September 2017

    Discover how the Power of an Hour  can Change the Way you Homeschool forever!

    Are you struggling with homeschooling several children? Is homeschool prep time stealing your family time or your sleep? Do you struggle with consistency in homeschooling? Are you at loss of what to cover in teaching your children?

    This webinar will show you how to overcome these difficulties and more.

    Learn how you can use the Power of an Hour to engage your children in learning, benefit children of different ages, become more consistent in homeschooling, simplify your life, and enrich your homeschool journey!

    This Webinar comes with a Q & A.

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    Power of an Hour:
    Gateway to a
    Classical Education

    FREE Live Webinar with Q & A

    12 October 2017

    Coming Soon!

    Learn How to Ditch the Stress, Invite the Calm, Create a Beautiful Home and Become a Victory Lady!

    Homeschool Essentials Webinar

     Become a Victory Lady

    Now Available on Limited Replay

    Learn the 7 Ways I Ditched the Stress, Invited the Calm, Created a Beautiful Home, and Became a Victory Lady!

    Come join us and find out how!

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    Become a Victory Lady
    Now Available on Limited Replay

    How to Teach Children How to Work

    Home School Essentials:

    Home School Q & A Webinar

    Special Topic
    Family Work:
    The Seedbed of Work Ethic

    Now Available on Limited Replay

    Do your children dawdle at their chores?
    Have chores moved from-excited to do, to delaying, to bigger incentives, to withdrawing privileges, to nagging, or worse?
    This webinar will explore the benefits of Family Work.
    This Webinar comes with a Q & A.

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    Family Work:
    Now Available on Limited Replay