How To Teach Your Children to Clean Their Bedroom in 10 Easy Steps!

Is your child's room a mess? When your child is sent to clean his room, does he get distracted and play instead of clean? This is normal. Children are often overwhelmed and do not know where to begin. When they look at a mess it is easier to play. Cleaning a room is a complex task. Many adults struggle too, because they were never taught. The organizational area of the brain is one of the last to develop and it develops throughout childhood. Here is an easy to follow pattern to cleaning a bedroom. One of the best ways to teach a child to clean their room is to do it with them. It is wise to work with a child on a regular basis until they have this pattern down and do it automatically as a habit. Cleaning together can build trust, improve relationships, pass on values, and build character.

10 Steps to Clean a Bedroom
1.  Make the bed.
2.  Pick up all clothes.  Put clean ones in folded and in their drawer or hang them in the closet on a hanger. Put dirty clothes in a hamper to be laundered.
3.  Put away all projects in their storage box and place on the shelf when not in use.

4.  Pick up all books and place them bindings out, in the upright position on your shelves.
5.  Pick up all toys and place them where they belong. For things that go in another room, make a pile to take after you have picked up everything and put everything else away.
6.  Place all trash in a trash basket.  Take out trash and empty in the garbage can outside.
7.  Vacuum your floor and the edges.
8.  Dust shelves, the lights, dresser, baseboards and blinds.
9.  Clean mirrors and windows.
10. Wipe finger prints off the walls.
This should be done once a week.

The Big 5: Daily Bedroom Care
1.  Make your bed as soon as you get up.
2.  Put laundry away as soon as you receive it clean.
3.  Place dirty laundry in a hamper, as you take it off.
4.  Place trash in a trash can.
  Put projects, books, and toys away before going on to another task or leaving to play.

These 5 things will leave your room neat during the week and lessen the work on Saturday.

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