Newsletter: The Spring Home

Spring time is here. Days are growing longer. The sun is up earlier each morning. The sun retires later each evening. This is the weather's dance from the frost of winter to the warmth of summer. During this dance we can experience blasts reminiscent of winter, rainy days, and warm days, giving us a view of days to come.

10 Things to do for the Spring Home:

1. Enjoy spring! Take walks. Watch nature come alive. Always take time to embrace the season!!!

2. Get some sun each day. Between April and October is the best time to build your vitamin D reserves. Sunblock does block this process. All you need is 15 to 20 minutes of unblocked Beta rays (which are available 10-2 each day).

2. On good days, open the windows and air the house.

3. Clean your winter coats and clothes (after the average last day of frost for your area) and then repair and store for the next season or pass on gently used items to a second hand store to bless others.

4. If you have planted flowers in your yard, bring some in and place them in a vase to enjoy. I have been known to ask neighbors for some fresh cut lilacs!

5. Consider planning for and starting a garden. Begin by starting a few herbs and tomato plants inside to transplant next month.

6. Simplify home routines for the warm days. Work together when it is possible.

7. Enjoy more salads, vegetable and fruit dishes. Foods in season tend to help us clean our digestive tract from the heavy winter foods and help us prepare for the next season.

8. Plan simple- spring and summer family traditions. Do not plan to overschedule late spring and summer with loads of community prepared activities and private lessons. Try not to plan too many activities back to back in a day. Just take spring slowly.

Consider simple things such as:

- Simple daily housekeeping routines.

- Plan to eat outside on good days.

- Garden. Take 30 minutes a day in the garden. Enjoy a farm to table kind of life.

- Take walks.

- Take nature walks.

- Go to a park.

- Plan quiet time during the day to be in out of the sun and just have down time.

- Go regularly to a splash pad.

- Have a library hour once a week. Create your own reading incentive with your own rewards.

- Get some yard games, crochet, badminton, Frisbee, yard bowling etc. When not in use, store them in a large Tubtrug that can be grabbed and thrown into the car when heading to the park or for a picnic.

- Have summer movie nights. These can be indoors or outside.

- Go to garage, yard and estate sales.

9. Plan a spring and summer bucket list of things to do with the family. Take advantage of FREE events and activities!

- Attend a parade.

- Go to an art festival.

- Attend a community celebration.

- Chill at the library story time.

- Take a hike.

- Go swimming.

- Make and fly a kite.

- Enjoy a cultural event.

- Camp in the back yard.

- Do a summer carnival with the neighbors.

- Make s'mores.

- Try solar cooking.

- Attend an outdoor concert, play or musical.

- Host your own neighborhood art show.

- Plan and have a block party.

10. Make a travel tote for each child. A simple canvas bag from the craft store will do fine. Let them decorate the bag! Include a travel journal (a composition book they can decorate) for each child and a passport to your planned spring and summer activities. Let them keep the ticket stubs and take pictures and write about their awesome activities. You may even include a nature notebook for each child. The bag keeps it all together. Even if money is tight and most of the time is spent close to home, they will have things to put in their travel journal and nature notebook.

Take time to enjoy the season!

Enjoy the journey.

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