January 4, 2017

Time for a Joy Upgrade!

On 2 November, while out for a walk the words flooded my mind and heart that 2017 would be a a year to live in joy and share joy.  So many ideas came flooding my heart and mind. I went home, then I added those ideas and plans to my white board. The next time I checked my business email, I was asked to be interviewed for the "Joy Upgrade Seminar. I knew it was the right thing to do to help kick off 2017.

Parenting got you stressed?

Marriage need some help igniting the spark again?

Personally feeling like you should be doing more, but are already overwhelmed?

Desire to create something more of your current business or ready to find what you are truly passionate about?

I know exactly what it is like and so do all that are part of this incredible and FREE event! I am so excited to be a part the Joy Upgrade Summit! This is an online 21 day event bringing together speakers from different areas to provide unique expertise in how to go from feeling empty to joyful in your life. 2017 has so many possibilities, and you deserve to be empowered to upgrade the beautiful life you have!

It will take place January 4th-February 1st, Monday through Friday at noon Pacific Time Zone. I will be a guest expert and speaking on 16 January and will be talking about "Joy in the Journey." If you would like to register and get the information on how to opt in and listen into this free event, please sign up today!

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