January 6, 2017

Ditch the Stress, Invite the Calm, 90 Day Victory Journey Winter 2017 Challenge

Are you homeschooling and also trying to run a home?  Some add a home business to their plate, as well. Do you ever feel guilty about the order of your home when you are homeschooling?  Do you ever stop homeschooling just to get your house in order? When you do this do you feel guilty that you are not giving enough attention to homeschooling? Add a home business and you can have a three ring circus!

Stress is as if we running from a tiger. When that tiger is gaining on us, we battle it with "fight or flight" hormones. When we release those hormones, we are in survival mode, our brains respond with survival techniques, and that brain is not in a growth mindset. When someone is in survival mode, surviving is all they can think about. Those hormones were designed to protect us, giving us more energy to stay and fight or to flee. Not dealing with those hormones ages us.  This is not a fun place to be and can be damaging to our long term physical and mental health.

the good news is that we can break this stress cycle, dissipate our stress, and begin to live in Victory!

We just had a webinar on Ditch the Stress, Invite the Calm. We created a Ditch the Stress, Invite the Calm, 90 Day Victory Journey 2017 Winter Challenge. It is FREE to Join us for this Challenge. Here we take 90 Days instead of just 30, to develop some habits that will serve us well and help us move towards systems that will simplify our lives and help us ditch the guilt and the stress.  Each day on the group I pin a reminder thread on the challenge, highlighting one of the 7 habits we are working on.  Those taking the challenge can share their victories and their challenges in that day's thread. Those who participate will be invited to a free webinar in April on moving into the next step. It really does not make sense to invite the public to something they are not prepared for. 

Post your progress on the Mentoring Our Own Facebook Group and let us cheer and encourage each other.

We begin with making a weekly menu and we also create a "Plan B Menu." A Plan B Menu is for days that go awry and blow our schedule. We need something quick and easy to feed our families close to on time.

Join us for the Momculture: Ditch the Stress 90 Day Victory Challenge. Here are the Seven Parts of the Routine During the School Year. 
1. Personal Devotions. This anchors our day!

2. Shower, Dress, and Groom.  Be ready for guest surprises and you will be ready to head out the door quickly if you have to.

3. Grab the Laundry & Start the Laundry. Start a load, set the timer, change the load, set the dryer timer, when the timer goes off, stop and take the 5 minutes to fold the load and put it away.  Do not let it stack!

4. Breakfast, dinner prep, and dishes.
Get a good balanced breakfast so your energy stays consistent throughout the morning and so does your emotions and clarity of mind.
Take a few minutes, check your menu, gather the ingredients for dinner, pull out food from the freezer and place in the fridge, then prep the salad and dressings. This step of dinner prep will let you know in the morning if you have missing ingredients.  Then you can look ad see if you will be doing errands and can pick up that missing ingredient or choose a Plan B Menu meal.  When dinner time comes, there will be no "What shall we have for dinner conundrum!  Half of your meal will have been prepped this morning.
Now take the few minute needed to do the dishes and wipe the counters. This will leave the kitchen clean for whatever the kitchen is needed for next.

5. Homeschool!  Yes, this is a system, rhythm or routine that should be part of you daily Victories!

6. Daily Walk.  Walking at a pconversational pace dissipates stress! It is also a time to get clarity.  During the cold months I do this later in the day. Come late spring I move this to right after morning devotions and get my walk in before my children arise.  This has a side benefit of improved immune system and weight loss. You can do this step with your children if needs be.

7. 30 Minute Power Clean. Too often we make long To do lists, then we tackle the easy things thinking it will give us confidence and get more done. However, some things never seem to get done and they tend to make us feel like we never get anything done. Well, with the 30 Minute Power Clean, we face the thing that bugs us the most.  Is it too big for 30 minutes? Then break the job down into 30 minute tasks and complete it over a few days. Once the 30 Minute Power Clean is done, you have Victory. If you have other time during the day, those multitudes of little tasks can be fit in here and there.

Keep a victory list!  Then list the things you accomplish. This one task will blow you away.  Putting that thing that bugs you the most at the top of the list of things done, is quiet a lift. Mentoring Our Own is a closed Facebook group. If you need to, post your victories to this group. We want to cheer you and be inspired by you. If you have not begun, join us!!! If you began and got derailed, join us! It is never too late. Enjoy!

You may join the journey at any time!  

Join us on our Facebook group for the Ditch the Stress, Invite the Calm, 90 Day Victory Journey 2017 Winter Challenge!

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