January 3, 2017

Newsletter: Homeschool Essential 2017

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Many families are turning to home schooling in 2017. New posts are appearing on Facebook home school groups daily announcing that more families are bringing their children home to educate them. A most often asked question is "What do I do next?" Others have just recently started the home school path. Many are voicing frustration over home management issues. Others struggle with children who are not cooperating. I have been there too, with all of these. 

I once was a mom who brought her children home to be educated. At one time I struggled to have a clean home and home school. At times, I have had a few children who were less cooperative. I learned a lot along my home school journey. I have home schooled seven children. My older three attended public school for a time. My younger four were home schooled beginning to end. Over the years since I began homeschooling in 1983, I have seen many trends that have caused families to needlessly struggle. I have assisted a lot of homeschooling families in working towards victory on their home school journey. I have worked through these issues myself. I discovered principles that moved things in the right direction for me and many others. I want to "assist home school moms to succeed in home school, family, home and life. Yes, you can enjoy the journey!

To assist the many new families flowing into home school, I decided to launch a FREE Live Webinar Series in 2016. On Thursday afternoons I have been doing these webinars for one year now. This year I am starting off the year with a Ditch the Stress, Invite the Calm, and Become a Victory Lady. I want to focus on Homeschool Essentials, Webinars that address issues most homeschool moms face.

My word for the year is Joy! My goal is to help others discover the Joy that can be found in homeschool, home, family and life.

I invite you and your friends to our first webinar of 2017- Ditch the Stress, Invite the Calm, and Become a Victory Lady. It will be held Thursday 5 January 2017 at 1 PM Pacific Time, 2 PM Mountain Time, 3 PM Central Time and 4 PM Eastern Time. You must register to attend.

Please share this with your friends who home school or who are considering home schooling.

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