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If You Can Do Just One Thing…

Are you new to home school? Are you wondering where to begin? ​Have you been homeschooling for a while and need to bring new energy to your home schooling?  ​Perhaps you have had the winter bug go around your home and you got off track? ​Maybe you have some elementary aged children struggling to learn […]

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February 18, 2020

Removing the 600 lb Guilt Monkey

Do you get in the cycle of feeling guilty when you are homeschooling, because your house needs cleaning? When you stop to clean, do you feel guilty because you are not homeschooling? Are there things you just never seem to get to? These things can leave you with a sense of failure, no matter how […]

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Newsletter-What To Do About The 3 Biggest Homeschool Challenges Homeschool Moms Face

Look at the picture of the mother and daughter. Do you sense a feeling of happiness in their expressions? You can too, as you work through the three biggest challenges many homeschool moms face. Three of the biggest challenges most homeschool moms face are:1. Lack of good habits and organizational skills.2. Looking to the public […]

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