Newsletter~How is Your Shelf Life?

It is said, "What is down in the well, comes up in the bucket." What is down in your well? Will your family find invigorating and thirst quenching refreshment? Or will they find the well dry or stagnating?

How is your Shelf Life? If you do not have a shelf life, just fifteen minutes a day can make a huge difference! Most of us can find fifteen minutes. In a week, a mom can read one hour and forty-five minutes in just fifteen minutes a day. Start with articles and shorter classics. For me this works out to be about six pages in fifteen minutes. Yeah, I am a slow reader. Even so, it adds up. Read and ponder what you read. Share what you are learning with your family. However, if you read only fifteen minutes in a day, begin with a bible verse or story.

Mothers lead their children, so mothers are leaders. Where are you leading your children? It is said that leaders are readers! With homeschooling, running a home, and some of you also are running a home business, where do you find the time to read?

Here are some short classics to consider...

That Which is Seen and That Which is Not Seen by Bastiat

Gift of the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin (one chapter at a time)

Declaration of Independence

The Constitution of the United States of America

Read the Federalist Papers and the Anti Federalist papers in chronological order.

The Law by Bastiat

Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis (one chapter at a time)

The Mansion by Henry Van Dyke

Christmas Day in the Morning by Pearl S. Buck

The Christmas Carol by Dickens (one chapter a night)

Les Miserables by Hugo (one chapter at a time)

Mother Carey's Chickens by Late Douglas Wiggin (one chapter at a time)

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

The 1910 Harvard Classics, One Day at a Time. 15 Minute Scholar Selections.

Did you notice some larger classics? They have short chapters! They can be read and enjoyed one chapter or even one page at a time.

Charles Eliot, the president of Harvard from 1869-1909 was told a farmer's Grange:

"In my opinion, a five-foot shelf would hold books enough to give a liberal education to any one who would read them with devotion, even if he could spare but fifteen minutes a day for reading.”

If you really do not feel you can find fifteen minutes, then count what you read to your family. I did this. When I wanted to read great literature, I read aloud to my children. I let them sit next to me, draw, work on a humanitarian service project, or play quietly at my feet. We were all together.

After you read each day, take a moment and write one thing you learned.

If you are not already finding time to read and to fill your bucket, consider becoming a Fifteen Minute Scholar!

Enjoy the Journey!

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