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I often come across questions on Facebook, Yahoo, or even through email that would best be answered in a newsletter, because I feel so many can benefit from the answer.

This question was on a Facebook Homeschool group:
"I've Been toying with the idea of taking December off. Does anyone else do this? I want to have FUN! I want to bake, sew, serve... do all the things we never seem to have time for. I'm scared to let go! Maybe we will at least do math every other day. Anyone else takes December off?"

Why not bake, sew, serve, and have fun homeschooling? You do not have to give up homeschool to enjoy the Christmas season. 

Try the "Power of an Hour: Gateway to a Classical Education." And since the Power of an Hour is only about an hour, it is a thread of spiritual and intellectual learning that can run through the year, busy days, slow days, and holidays! It is scripture, classic, and focused learning. This is just one hour! Then you can do all you want to do and it can be school too! 

Whether you do: "Reading, 'Riting, and 'Rithmetic," "Reciting, Reading, and Reasoning," or "Research, Reason, Relate, and Record," approach to home school, it is not difficult to substitute Christmas themes through cultural arts, reading classic stories, writing in a Christmas journal, and even doing Christmas math, as homeschool, in lieu of what you normally do.

If you look and think about it, there are many subjects one can hygge homeschool through Christmas!

A Dozen Ways to Hygge Homeschool through the Christmas Season:


1. Bible Study

Study Bible prophecy and passages about the gratitude, charity, forgiving, service, and the nativity. Enjoy reading and discussing these topics in December.

2. Art Appreciation

Appreciate viewing and studying (Charlotte Mason style Picture Studies) classic nativity and Christmas themed art.

3. Music Appreciation

Appreciate listening to classic hymns of Christmas and Christmas carols, some are centuries old. Learn to play Christmas themed music on an instrument or learn to sing Christmas Carols.

4. Literature

Enjoy reading and listening to classic Christmas stories and excerpted Christmas passages from classics.

5. Poetry Appreciation

Listen to, memorize, recite, and appreciate Classic Christmas poetry.

6. Penmanship

Write Christmas lists & baking lists, create Christmas tags, write thank you notes, sign Christmas letters, sign Christmas cards, copy quotes. scriptures, poems by hand and even keep your own special Christmas Journal.

7. Social Studies or Geography, Culture & History

Write Christmas lists & baking lists, create Christmas tags, write thank you notes, sign Christmas letters, and  sign Christmas cards. Practice penmanship through  copying quotes. scriptures, and  poems by hand. Keep your own special Christmas Journal.

8. Science

Make a study of snow. Keep a weather log. Take winter nature walks. Collect and study nature, such as: tree studies, winter birds, pine cones, and seed pods.

9. Math

There is so much of contextual, hands on, experiential math that touches Christmas!
- Counting of links in a chain, cookies, Advent days, and Christmas Cards.
- Fractions in measurements for baking.
- Decimals in counting, giving change, saving for a gift, or for materials to make a gift.
- Telling time, calendaring, and time management.
- Mensuration of measuring fabric and weighing packages.
- Creating a Christmas budget, shopping for needed materials, handling money and giving change.
- Learning to read thermometers, such as-- candy thermometers, meat thermometers, and weather thermometers.

10. Home Economics

This is part of math too! Activities such as holiday baking, crafting, sewing, making decorations and gifts, all come under Home Economics and all use math!

11. Shop Class

Make useful gifts and decorations of wood, wire, glass, beeswax, or ceramics, etc.

12. Performing Arts

This season is usually full of many opportunities for the performing arts! Carol to shut-ins. Act out the Nativity. Attend Christmas Concerts and Christmas productions.

All of this can be done very matter-of-fact, very playful, fun way, low stress, very hygge and what is also important, they are learning, moving forward, and do not even realize it is school! 

Savvy mom!

In fact, the first six items are found in our Classic Christmas Devotional! You're half way there!!!

The Christmas season offers all the above and more. Mom can keep Victory Journal of all the school she did with the children. While the children think they are enjoying a Hygge Christmas, having month off, and are keeping a journal of their Christmas Vacation!

Enjoy the Journey!!!!

A Classic Christmas Devotional

We invite you to enjoy this new Christmas family tradition!

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This post was originally written 20 November 2017 and was updated 25 November 2019.

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