Newsletter: Summer Reading

Summer is fast approaching. We want our children to read and keep that tool for learning sharp and fresh. Homes where children are read to and where children see parents reading on a regular basis, are homes where children come to value reading. Libraries hold summer reading programs. Families can develop their own reading programs and celebrations of reading. With all the activities available during the summer, it is easy to over schedule, and become overwhelmed. May I suggest considering taking summer at a slower pace?

How is your shelf life (reading)? Take time to enjoy the season. Take time to read.

5 Summer Reading Tips for Moms...

1. Take time to read from the scriptures each day, even if it is just 15 minutes!

2. Choose some books of short stories or short classics, such as "Gift of the Sea" by Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

3. Read aloud to your children. When I had young children I felt guilty taking time to read for myself beyond personal scripture reading. So, I read aloud to my children, the books I wanted to read for myself. They could draw, build on the floor, or even work on little projects as I read aloud.

4. Take reading outside. Spread out a blanket or climb into a hammock, gather the children around and read aloud.

5. Celebrate reading! Participate in a family reading program. Inspire your children through leading by example! Celebrations for reading can be for individual reading and for family reading. Celebrations can be as simple as s'mores, roasting hotdogs over a fire, making homemade ice cream, watching the movie based on the book.

Enjoy the Journey!

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