Al Fresco Living

What is al fresco living? Al fresco is Italian and means "in the cool or open air." So, Al fresco living is living in the cool or open air.

The weather is warming and in most places we can take advantage of the warm weather and get outside. Take off your shoes and walk in the grass. For those of us north of Phoenix the warm weather is an invitation to come outside, but some times of the day are cooler than others. Charlotte Mason felt that children needed to be outside as much as possible in different weather. Late spring through early fall is the ideal time to do so.  Below you will find tips for al fresco living.

7 Tips for Al Fresco Living...

1.  Creating Outdoor Living Spaces  
Assess your yard and side yard. Are there areas you could use to eat meals outside? Even those who live in the hotter areas of the country, perhaps breakfast on the shady side of the house!  

We turned our side yard into a secret garden, under the shade of a large maple tree. We can eat, socialize, read, and even study there.

When we bought out home, our front porch was six feet by six feet, just big enough to accomodate the front door area. When we had the money, we had a six foot by twenty-six foot deck built. This deck does not have a roof. Our home is a raised basement and our front door is about at the level of our front yard tree branches. When we are on the deck we feel like we are in a tree house. So we added a metal patio dining table and six chairs. Even without the deck we could have still spread a blanket on the lawn or had a party on the double wide driveway.We could have found an old wood table and chairs at a yard sale, painted them and used them to eat outside and craft under the trees during the summer. 

Even if you are a city dweller with no yard you can do a picnic in a park.

2. Family Walks
Take long walks with the children in the neighborhood or along community walking paths.

3. Park Day
Take the children to the park. There are times of the summer it is too hot midday, but going in the morning is great!

4. Family Garden
Take time to garden, even if all you have is space for containers.  

5. Build Friendships 
Being outside can bring opportunities to build friendships. Take time to wave ot visit with friends and neighbors as they walk by.

6. Family Read Aloud, Outside
Get a hammock to hang from trees or sprawl a blanket under the shade of the branches and rest or read aloud with the children.  

7. Yard Games
Get yard games like croquet to play with your family and friends. You can play these games, even if you have to take them to a park.

Find ways to create a simple routine, don't overschedule, and enjoy the outdoors.

Enjoy the Journey!

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