Summertime Photo Journal

Most of us have cellphones with cameras on them! Children love photography. Let your children take pictures during the summer, or any time of the year for that matter. They can take pictures of food, events, each other, flowers, landscapes, family, friends, etc.  Help them become an author by teaching them how to photo journal. 

FREE Photo Storage

Set up a free separate gmail account to send pictures to and add the Google Photos app to your phone. This will act as FREE storage until you and your children can go through them and select what to keep. 

3 Fun Ways to Photo Journal 

Hardbound Printed Photo Journals

Sift through the pictures on a Sunday afternoon with your children and let them pick their favorites. These favorites could be put into a hard back photobook for about $20 at Costco or Sam's Club. These can also make great gifts from your children to their grandparents. 

Vinyl Photo Journals

Another way to photo journal, is to buy little vinyl photobooks at Walmart or from a Dollar Store. Each two page spread can have a picture and next to it, the child can write about the picture. Perhaps it was a field trip, family event, or cultural event. They can write down the name of the event and then what they learned.

Creating Treasure Books 

If your children are not writing composition yet, let them tell you what to write. One can use a three-ring binder and mount pictures on scrap booking paper. You can write it and they can copy using their hand writing, or you can type up a page on the computer and insert into their book. 

Children can create these little treasure books. Copies make great gifts for grandparents, dads, and even younger siblings. 

Author Party

At the end of the summer, have an author party, let your children display their photobooks. If the books are printed and bound they can autograph their books.

Whatever you do... Enjoy the Journey!

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