Just What is the Power of an Hour?

Are you:
* Feeling exhausted, because you are missing sleep preparing for the next day's lessons?
* Spending too much time searching the internet trying to cobble together a curriculum?
* Tired of spending hours fighting through long lessons that are obviously too long for your child's attention span?
* Unsure of what knowledge to cover in homeschool for your children?
* Teaching several children of differing ages or one child? 
* Feeling your children are behind?
* Looking for something grab and go (little to no prep time), easy to use, all-in-one, expandable (Built -in, at no extra cost) and hands on curriculum?
* Wanting a curriculum that is not aligned with common core, but has high standards?
* Looking for something Bible Based?
* Seeking something affordable?

Dear Reader,

Consider Power of an Hour: Gateway to a Classical Education. This is a Bible based, classics rich, high standards, expansion built-in, not common core aligned, an all-in-one curriculum, and yes it includes math and language arts!

What can one teach in an hour? A week? A month? Nine months? Four years? Let's take a look…

What can a child be taught in a single day? 
Power of an Hour is as easy as 1– 2–3!
1.  A Bible story.
2.  A read aloud from a classic.
3.  Enrichment through the Power of an Hour (adding cultural breadth to ones educational experience).

What can a child be taught in a week's time, in an hour a day? 
* Art-Art History through Biography (one artist a month), Art Appreciation (one artwork a week), and Art Terms at one a week during year three.
* Music-Music History through Biography (one musician a month) Music Appreciation (one work a week), and Music terms at the rate of one a week in year two.
* Language Arts- Spelling (a rule a week), Grammar (a rule a week),  Introduced to Hebrew (or Anglo-Saxon Roots, Latin Roots, Beginning Greek and Greek Roots) . 
* Math/Science (Math/Science History through Biography, with a Concept, and Activities each week). We cover the basic Math needed for Pre-Algebra, at the rate of a new concept every other week, coupled with activities to learn the concept.
* Statesmen- History through Biography, one world leader a week.
* Political Geography-World and US Geography at the rate of one nation and one state a week.
* Poetry -Poetry's History through Biography (One poet a month), Poetry (at one poem or stanza a week), and Poetry terms in year four (one term a week).
* Character Building through Inspiring Articles, Documents / Classics excerpts, Discussion, Bible Memory Verses, and a Noble Person of Faith (one perons of faith and one character principle a week.

What can a child be taught in one school year's time?
*  Up to 180 Bible Stories
* 180+ Classic Read aloud sessions.
* 36 Inspiring Articles, Documents or Classics excerpts.
* 36 Noble Men and Women of Faith
* 36 Bible Mastery Verses
* 9 Artists (Art History)
* 36 Works of Art (Art Appreciation).
* 36 Spelling Rules
* 9 Musicians (Music History)
* 36 Musical Works (Music Appreciation)
* 36 Grammar Rules
* 18 Mathematicians (Math History)
* 18 Living Math Activities (Learning Math in Hands-On, Living Math Context)
* 18 Scientists (Science History)
* 18 Living Science Activities (Learning Science in Hands-On Living Context)
* 36 Statesmen (History)
* 36 Countries 
* The Hebrew Alphabet, Numbers and Words in year one, or in Years Two through Four- Anglo-Saxon Roots, Latin Roots, Greek Alphabet and Roots.
* 9 Poets (Poetry History through Biography)
* 36 Poems (Poetry Appreciation)
* 36 of the 50 States

Yes, this really adds up!

In four years what can be taught?
In four years, one can teach about people, places, languages, and ideas within four grand cycles of history– a systematic integration of spiritual and secular learning activities covering:
* Cycle I– Old Testament/ Ancient Times: Creation to 1 AD/ Introduction to Beginning Hebrew. Available Now!
* Cycle II– New Testament/ Birth of Christianity, Dark Ages, and Medieval Times: 1 AD to 1500 AD/ Anglo Saxon Roots. Available Now!
* Cycle III– Old Testament/ Age of Exploration, Discovery, Migrations, the Foundations of Liberty, and the Reformation: 1500 to 1820/ Introduction to Latin Roots. Coming Soon (Summer 2019)!
* Cycle IV– New Testament/ Modern Times: 1820 to the present/ Beginning Greek and Greek Roots. Coming Soon! (Soon to follow year three).

Power of an Hour can all be accomplished in about an hour a day through three simple steps listed above: Bible study, read aloud from a classic, and Power of an Hour (PoaH) enrichment! If you want to explore even deeper, great! We include hyperlinks within the PoaH packet for those who want to explore deeper or one can take the PoaH packet to the library and use it as a road map to further self directed study. PoaH can free up time for mom to be with her children, rather than on the internet and at the library preparing lessons.

Enriching Traditions Family Reading Lists
Each Enriching Traditions Family Reading List is designed to be used in conjunction with the Power of the Hour Program of the same cycle of history. Many classics are are hyperlinked so families can read them online.

Power of an Hour was designed to be used in conjunction with the Book of Centuries, Book of Nations and Scholar Portfolios. 

In future posts I will explore four areas where PoaH is typically used:
* Homeschooling– "Can Power of an Hour be Used to Homeschool?

* Power of an Hour and Young Scholars

* Blended Education– supplemental enrichment for kids in public school.

* Momculture– a way for mom to broaden her own education.

View our catalog and save $60 by purchasing the Year One and Two Bundled Special. 
To buy the years one or two separately, scroll down to the catalogue.

Grab a sample copy of the Power of an Hour HERE!


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