Power of an Hour and Young Scholars

Young scholars (around twelve years old and older) can bring a richness to the Family Hour when Power of an Hour is experienced. 

The Power of an Hour can be a spine for their own personal study, such as explained to mothers in the blog post "Momculture through Power of an Hour."

Young scholars can also use Power of an Hour to recieve new knowledge or share it for the growth of others through doing the following:

  • Research the people studied and do a dramatic presentation during Family Hour or with other families with children and youth.
  • Study the ideas of the great people highlighted in Power of an Hour and share them with family or other young scholars.
  • Research and report on a historic event.
  • Research and report on a country or a state.
  • Research and report on the living science concept and activity.
  •  Memorize poetry or write poetry inspired by the poet studied.
  • Create art inspired by the art work studied, the genre, or style of the artist.
  • If they are taking music lessons they could learn to play a piece by the composer, even a simplified version of a piece by the musician.
  •  Team teach with mom or for mom if mom is ill.
  •  Teach or demonstrate the basic spelling, grammar, living math, living science, root words, or any other facet of Power of an Hour they do not personally need to review.
  •  They can lead in the planning of family service projects.
  • Or they can come to the Family Hour, use Power of an Hour as review and then be off on their self-directed scholar learning.

So, yes, Power of an hour can be used with Young Scholars in their scholar journey.

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