How to Use Power of an Hour for a Blended Education?

What is "Blended" Education and how can Power of an Hour be used to facilitate it?  A blended education is an education that takes place in multiple learning environments. American schools have moved more and more to fulfill the No Child Left Behind goals and now the Common Core. This usually results in teaching to the test and a narrower education. This leaves parents looking for ways to fill in the gaps and enrich their child's learning experience. Power of an Hour is a way to expand breadth and depth without over burdening the parent with a lot of preparation.

How to Weave Power of an Hour into Family Life

Here are a few Ideas that can add repetitive exposure with little to no additional time from your day! 

"Family Bible Study"

Bible study is something we should be doing as a family regardless of where our children learn their academics, be it public, charter, private, or home school.  A Bible episode or even as little as a verse can be shared at breakfast, or by an added morning ritual before children head out the door.

"The Classic Bedtime Story"

Adding the bedtime ritual of reading aloud to the family from a classic is and easy and enjoyable family ritual to begin.  

"Daily Power of an Hour Learning Gateways"

Daily Power of an Hour Learning Gateways can be shared during dinner with a:  "Guess what I learned today." 

"Refrigerator Culture."  
What? I take pre-cut picture mattes and add a clear plastic sheet protector on the backside. This makes a window to slide pictures, Hebrew letters, and poems into. Then I glue small round thick magnets on the four back corners of the matte and then I can stick it up on the fridge. Then every time someone would open the fridge, that picture would be there at eye level to teach them.

"Dining Table Geography."  
We bought a large World map and a large United States map. I placed it on the table while I looked for wall space. There was nowhere to hang it. Looking at the table I realized I could cover the map with a clear vinyl yardage from the fabric store. If I need to put out the china, I can cover it with an elegant table cloth. However, when we have attempted to do so, guests have requested to leave the map visible. The map then becomes convenient for looking things up as we speak of current events, history, and where places mentioned in literature or the scriptures are. Some people read cereal boxes, my family reads the map.

When you weave these things into your day the process can be so natural and can enhance other methods of education.

This post was originally written 24 June 2915 and was updated 16 May 2019.

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