An Old Fashioned Handmade Christmas

Some of you are thinking, “Why is she talking about Christmas already?” We have about two months left until Christmas! While I do not set up Christmas decor until 1 December, I do like to start early in my preparations. Why? Because I make my gifts, I help my children make theirs, and I want time to relish the season, serve others, go to concerts, see the lights, carol, enjoy Christ-centered devotionals, and more during the Christmas season.

Recently, I sat down with my youngest daughter to plan our fall homeschooling. She has asked if we could do our “Power of an Hour” each morning, then one-on-one tutoring, and then she would do her independent study. We also have a neighbor boy joining us for school. My daughter wanted to know if we could do our “Christmas Workshop” and help him make Christmas presents for his family. She taught him how to hat loom. The family hat loomed as I read classics aloud to them.  She wants me to teach both of them to sew gifts too.

I also have one evening a week all year where I go to a friend’s to work on finishing projects. There I learn things from my friend that blesses and enriches my home. I can also work on gifts there I want no one to see until Christmas! I have been using my fabric stash to create Christmas gifts since May. 

I look forward to this year’s Thanksgiving and Christmas with great anticipation.

This year my older brother will be here experiencing our family’s traditions and the ones I have kept alive from generations past. I want to be frugal and wise with our resources. At the present, this means I am creative and resourceful. With the skills, I have learned and the workmanship of my own hands I can do much.

We had a business that we have craft paper leftover from. I will press that into service for wrapping paper.

Our Christmas tree is over a decade old and artificial because I have one child who is allergic to pine. I do have some craft supplies, remnants, a few boxes of old denim the kids wore out, fabric, and notions I can call into service, as well. I have a stocked through dwindling pantry, but there will be some baking, gingerbread, and the making of candy. There will be lights to see, free Christmas Concerts, hopefully, snowmen to build, caroling, the Messiah Sing-in, and there is always time for a smile, service, and a “Merry Christmas to you!”

Of course, we will have our birthday party for Jesus and I have the ingredients for the Red Velvet Christmas Cake that I remember grandma making. I know many others are struggling in this economy. If there are few resources in the home, gifts of loving service are wonderful gifts. As ideas come to me, I will share here, knowing it will help someone! Let us enjoy the season; planning ahead will help a lot!

What kinds of things do you do for an old fashioned handmade Christmas?

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