September 2, 2015

The Hope Chest Journey- A Return to Beauty and Grace

When my daughters and I launched our original website in 2009, we:

–Articulated the Hope Chest Journey.

–Built mother-daughter circles of support and learning.

–Created resources to assist mothers and daughters on their Hope Chest Journey

–Created resources to assist women in Rediscovering the Lost Arts

–Created materials for the mother-daughter circles.

Yes this site was suppose to be a resource for women to help them on their Hope Chest Journey. However, a few years ago we introduced Power of an Hour: Gateway to a Classical Education. Since that time we have noticed it has taken a lion's share of posts. We justified it by saying that education is an important aspect for women. Power of an Hour is a resource for the Beauty of the Intellect. Where that is true, with my new website I feel that there is a need to return to teaching the bigger picture of the whole Hope Chest Journey, the Toolbox Journey, and rediscovering the Lost Arts. It is time to focus on my main purpose of Educating for a WHOLE life.