August 19, 2015

12 Ways to Bless Your Homeschooled Grandchildren

Welcome to the 21st Century! Your grandchildren are so blessed to have grandparents like you who care so much about their futures. They have awesome parents who you raised! They are intelligent, wise, courageous, and caring parents.

You raised your children to be intelligent and capable. They are intelligent enough to see what is best for their children and their future. These parents are seeing what is happening to the schools that their children would be attending. They have decided that homeschooling was the best option for the socialization and education of your grandchildren. Your grandchildren will be blessed for their parent's decision to homeschool.

Your children are wise. Wisdom is the correct application of knowledge. They were wise enough to not follow the crowd and not do something just because everyone else does it or because that is how it has been done in the recent past.

Your children are courageous. It takes courage to stand up and do what you know is right for your children even when no one stands with you.

Your grandchildren are so blessed to have such wonderful parents and grandparents!

12 Ways to Bless Your Homeschooled Grandchildren:

1. Learn what many top tier universities have discovered about homeschoolers over the past 30 years and why they want homeschoolers. Know that neither a diploma from an accredited school nor a GED is necessary to get into a good college.

2. Learn about the benefits of homeschooling both socially and academically.

3. Encourage the mother of your grandchildren and support her decision to homeschool.

4. Offer your time.

5. Understand that homeschool does not need to look like "playing public school at home," to be successful. Be aware that developmentally appropriate education may appear slower at first, but surpasses the current model of public school education in outcomes. So, don't panic if preschoolers and kindergartners are not focused on learning to read and doing math. A lot of important pre-reading and pre-math learning do not involve textbooks, workbooks, or academics.

6. Be willing to share your talents and skills with your grandchildren.

7. Listen up! Even if it is to just enthusiastically listen as your grandchildren share their excitement about what they are learning. Listening to their learning excitement and letting them share are important to their confidence and learning.

8. Celebrate their learning victories. No one wants to feel constantly tested. Nor to have someone constantly looking for ways they do not measure up.

9. Attend a homeschooling conference and learn what homeschooling is all about.
This one is free and online!  

10. Offer to take your grandchildren with their mother on a field trip or to a cultural event.

11. Consult with their parents before giving birthday and Christmas gifts. Perhaps a favorite book, tool, or other items might be needed, loved, and cherished. We have a great many very loved books that my mother-in-law loving chose for my growing children, now my grandchildren are enjoying the legacy. I have artist materials, sewing resources, and lovely dishes from my mother that my children enjoyed and now my grandchildren enjoying.

​12. Inspire them with your stories, family history, and great events from history.

Baker's Dozen Bonus
13. Share with your grandchildren about new things you are learning!

In what ways do you support and encourage your children in homeschooling their children, your grandchildren?

How can you be a blessing in the lives of your posterity?

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