Newsletter~Stone Soup?

Autumn is upon us. The weather is getting colder outside. The lure is to go play in the leaves, but when we come inside we want to warm up! During the colder autumn evenings, I enjoy warming up with a hot bowl of tasty soup! With the cooling weather it is fun to curl up together and share wonderful stories. One short story that is fun for children, is the story of "Stone Soup." Years ago, a friend brought my family a pot of delecious Stone Soup.

My friend actually adds a clean stone in her soup just for the fun of it, recalling the story Stone Soup. We skip the stone and read the story.

You will find a pdf. attached to this newsletter with 10 tasty recipes to warm and fill your family this autumn and winter...

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Tiffany K - October 23, 2017 Reply

It never lets me read the newsletter. I fill in the form each time, but I'm never taken to the newsletter. Please help. Thanks

    Donna Goff - October 23, 2017 Reply

    The newsletter is sent to your email address. I have checked and you did confirm your email.  You have gmail, you might want to check your Promotions folder and your Spam folder. Use the search window at the top to search for Donna Goff.  Adding my email to your contact list can increase the odds it ends up in your primary inbox.  You can also click on the Promotions or spam folders, scroll down, find my newsletter, grab it and move it to the primary inbox. 

    If I move to a membership service in the future, I can set it to read on the site and if you are a member then you will be able to read it there.

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