Newsletter~One of My Favorite Homeschool Tools

One of my favorite homeschool tools is Composition Books!

Composition Books are:

  • Versatile.
  • Lightweight and Portable; literally grab and go.
  • Does not require electricity or batteries.
  • Fits in small spaces for storage.
  • Has a hardcover that helps double as a lapdesk.
  • Affordable! I buy them for .50 each at Walmart's back to school sales.
  • Great for all ages from the earliest writers, to the mature student, to moms!
  • Awesome for learning journals!

I hated these when I was younger, because I thought they were ugly. I do not feel that way anymore.

If you do not like the cover design, just:

  • Sew a reusable fabric slipcover.
  • Make a reusable brown paper bag slip cover.
  • Let the children customize their own with scrapbook paper. Just use glue stick to affix the paper to the cover and then trim.

We prepare our notebooks and portfolios the first few days of the school year. Now is the time of year I stock up!

Enjoy the journey!

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