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Homeschooling moms often wonder how to balance caring for the home, homeschooling, family, and caring for one’s self. This is a common issue for moms, in today's world. Many moms who do not homeschool struggle with these same issues of balancing caring for the home, family, work, and caring for one's self. Some are dealing with little children's messes. Some are dealing with big children's messes. Some are dealing with chronic illness, as well. Struggling for balance, to have a clean home, be with family, and replenishing ourselves leaves many moms overwhelmed.

Often moms ask, "Where do you find time to do it all?" I know you have heard it before. “We all have 24 hours a day.” Well, you can do it all, just not all the time. It is not about balancing. Balancing brings to mind things of the same weight. But all things that call for our attention and not equal. We have to prioritize what really is important to us.

Five Ways for Homeschool Moms to Prioritize and Find Time

1. Lessons From Mary and Martha

In Luke 10, the story of Mary and Martha, Jesus said, "But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her."

To me, it was not so much that Martha was serving. What was "needful" was that Mary had chosen that good part and we can too! What had Mary chosen? Mary chose to sit at Jesus' feet and learn from Him while He was there to minister to them.

We can "choose" that "good part." We can kneel at His feet (so to speak), learn from Him, and gain strength from Him, as we read the scriptures and pray first thing in the morning, before the demands of the day. I feel it gives me perspective and helps me be able to sort through the multitudes of things the day has to offer, so I can prioritize and choose better. As I do, I find more time. 

2. Tame the Digital Monster

When my children were young, there was no Facebook. At that time we had a computer and a TV on lock, we rarely used them. 

One can fake themselves out on Facebook. One can limit themselves to, let’s say, two posts in a day. But if the post generates a lot of response and one chooses to respond or like people's comments, one can become distracted and can be on the phone, I-pad, or laptop all day. But in our minds, we were only on to make two posts.

One simple way to find more time is to tame our social media use.

My suggestion is, to log how many posts and responses to posts you do in a day on Facebook and other social media. It could be very sobering. You can do it as you go. If you do, every time you are tempted, you might think twice. Or you can go to your personal home page, click on "View Activity Log" (up on the right bottom side of your banner at the top of the Facebook page). Then count your Facebook interactions. What is your total? When was your first post and when was your last contact?

If our time with our family, homeschooling, or care for our home is being bumped by electronic use, we may need to tame it. If we lack good habits and good routines, we need to work on getting them. We are creatures of habit and those habits are either good or bad. Why not work on habits that help us create our desired life? If we fail, we just need to keep getting up and trying again. Taming screen use will helps me find more time.

3. Establish Simple Routines

Waiting until something has to be done will leave you forever overwhelmed. It will seem like those things are an annoyance, because they interrupt your life. But to work on those things early, such as meal prep and laundry will leave you with clean un-rumpled clothes when you need them and meals will be served before you are starving and everyone going crazy. Establishing simple routines is work at first, but once established I find more time. 

4. Train Up Your Children

Having less, by thinning what we have, can be helpful. But there will still be a frustration if you do not train your children to put things away. Training children to pick up and put away can diminish a lot of chaos. While it seems like effort to train them, once they were trained I found more time!

5. Set Some Personal Rules

Here are some that helped me:

  • No checking email until after homeschool.
  • Turn off the notifications during the routines of the morning and homeschooling.
  • Place phone in the bedroom and lock the door. Children do not need it either.
  • Give your children a 90 minute quiet time. Use some of that for connecting to other women online or on the phone.
  • When talking to people face to face, turn off phone notifications, leave the phone in a pocket or purse, and do not look at notifications.
  • Leave screens away from the dining table and interact there.
  • Shut off your phone ringer and notifications while you sleep.

Less is More!

Less chaos, because you prayerfully prioritize.

Less screeen time, because you are in charge of your device and not hostage to it.

Less mess, because children are habit trained to out things away.

Less dinner time craziness, because you planned early. If we are smart Martha's we plan ahead so we can spend more time with family and guests. 

Less belongings to care for, because you have streamlined and gotten rid of unneeded stuff.

Less struggle with laundry, because you keepit in rotation instead of stock piling. 

This means more time to homeschool, more time with the family.

This means more time to homeschool, more time with the family.

You can do this!

Enjoy the journey!

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