7 Ways I Ditched Stress, Invited Calm, and Became a Victory Lady

My original Victory plan was plain and simple. 
Original Plan

1. Walk
I woke up, dressed, grabbed the flags and put them out, hanging from the deck as I headed out for a morning 1.5 mile (30 minute walk)

2. Shower
I came home, showered, dressed, put on brow shaper (my brows are turn white and the brow shaper helps make my brows visible), put on earrings and brushed my hair! Made my bed and grabbed the laundry on the way to the kitchen.

3. Breakfast
Made and ate breakfast and did dishes. I made green and fruit smoothies for my daughter and I. I  cooked breakfast for my husband and son.

4. Laundry
Started laundry for the day. The rule was "see it through." When the buzzer went off, I stopped what I was doing, change loads, folded, and completely put away laundry. I was embarrassed when I got to my husband's drawer and saw that it was empty of socks and underclothes! I am usually up on things but the past few weeks not so.

5. Dinner Preparation
I made salad dressings, shredded cheese for the salad, cut/rinsed/spun the lettuce (and placed it in a wide mouth mason jar, Cut up the veggies for salad topping, and brought up everything I needed to fix dinner later in the day.

6. 30 Minute Clean
I did a 30 minute timed clean! The rule was clean whatever bothered me the most!

7. 30 Minute Personal Devotional
The first day, I sat down to 30 minutes of personal prayer and scripture study.  As I sat there reading the scriptures a flood of peace poured over me that I was doing the right thing. Then my husband passed me and checked the empty laundry basket. He went to his room and pulled out his drawer. A sense of pure satisfaction flowed through me.

Daily, I worked my plan and I saw that the order needed to be changed to facilitate a smoother morning.  Within a week my plan was contagious! Others began to add to the order and the calm. I felt that I again became Lady of the Manner. Over the summer I learned these were valuable daily habits. We had a steady stream of family visit from out of state. I still maintained my daily foundation!!!

One day while my daughter was visiting, I had risen and completed my morning routine. We went shopping. We shopped til dinner time. She insisted on buying a pizza.  I moved my dinner plans to the next night, and we had the salad I had prepared that morning along with pizza that night. My morning foundation made it so we could sit down to dinner minutes after walking through the door!

I also found that I needed change the order of my original plan to best serve my needs for the summer months.
Warm Weather Schedule
1. Personal devotions. I had to start my day with personal devotions rather than putting the Lord last!
2. Daily walk and flags. I needed the stress reducer and energizer to kick off my day!
3. Shower, Dress, Groom, make bed and grab laundry. As I leave my bathroom ready for the day, this was the perfect time to make my bed and grab the laundry as I was leaving to the kitchen. 
4. Breakfast. By now everyone is up and ready to go!
5. Start Laundry if there is enough laundry, if not it can wait another day.
6. Dinner Prep and Dishes. It makes more sense to do dishes once after breakfast and dinner prep!
7. 30 Minute Clean. I clean hard and get as much done in 30 minutes as I can. A consistent 30 minutes a day dealing with ridding myself of what bugs me is very refreshing!

Oh the joy of Victory!

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