Newsletter~ Water? 19 Benefits of Drinking Water

Summer is here and the heat is on. Are you drinking enough water? Our bodies are about 60% water and that water needs to be replaced often. No matter what time of year it is, our bodies need lots of clean water and maybe more during the summer heat.

You do not like the taste of your water? Then invest in a water filter. While pure water is best, if you need to add lemon, berries, or mint leaves to your water.

19 Benefits of Drinking Water

1. Do you want to beat the heat? Water helps regulate our body temperature.
2. I prefer to drink my water cold and find cool water refreshing.
3. Water is a nutrient every cell in our bodies need as a building block.
4. The water we drink helps carry oxygen to all parts of the body and helps remove carbon dioxide waste from all over the body.
5. Our brains and hearts are 73% water and function better when we drink enough water. Drinking water helps the brain manufacture important hormones. Also water helps the brain to produce neurotransmitters.
6. Our lungs are 83% water and drinking enough water helps them function better.
7. Kidneys are 79% water. When our bodies do not get enough water, our bodies tend to retain water, our kidneys do not work as efficiently, and our liver begins doing some of the purifying that the kidneys should perform. When water is adequate, the kidneys begin to release the water it had retain, along with the toxins stored in the retained water. Once the kidneys can fully perform their job, the liver can do its job.
8. Our bodies need water to carry toxins out of the body.
9. The water we consume from drinking water and contained in foods helps the blood transport vital nutrients throughout the body.
10. Water drinkers are less likely to get sick!
11. Drinking enough water helps relieve headaches and backaches. Our brains and spinal cord use lots of water to protect brain and spinal tissues and to protect discs in the spine. So, water helps protect your spinal cord.
12. Drinking enough water helps joints be better lubricated.
13. Drinking water helps muscles stretch and be more elastic.
14. Our bones are about 31% water! People who drink enough water are low risk for osteoporosis.
15. Drinking water helps us lose weight by removing toxins from the body and providing a fuller more satisfied sensation. Too often people confuse hunger and thirst. Drink water first. If you still feel empty, tried food. Drinking a pint of water can boost metabolism for about 1.5 hours, by about 25-30%. Studies have shown that water drinkers lost 44% more weight over a 90 day period.
16. Skin is 64% water. Adequate hydration helps our skin be healthy. Being adequately hydrated improves texture and moisture in the skin. Drink water is great for anti-aging.
17. Drinking enough water helps our digestive tract move more regularly. With the juice of half a lemon in the morning, water can remove more toxins.
18. Drinking water is far cheaper than drinking sweetened beverages. So, drinking water can save you money!
19. So, how much water do we need? This is something that has not been settled. Our water consumption needs depend on our age, gender, activity level, the water in the fruits and vegetables we eat, and the weather. I feel it is best to drink a pint upon waking and at least 30 minutes before meals. If we are thirsty, we have already lost about 2-3% of our water and this can tax our brain, organs, digestion, moods, etc. Instead of reaching for coffee, tea, or sugar beverages, reach for water. The Institute of Medicine suggests 91 ounces of water for an average woman of 150 lbs and 125 ounces for men. Of course, if you are bigger, you work up a sweat in exercise, of the weather is hot, you may need more. it is suggested you take your pounds of weight, divide it in half and that is how many ounces of water you need as a base line. So, a 180 pound person would need 90 ounces of water. The best indicator if you are getting enough water is the color of one's urine. If it is yellow, your body needs more hydration. Light color to clear means your body is getting what it needs and your kidneys are not working to store or reserve water.

Include drinking enough water for your body, especially during the summer heat. Stay cool, be healthy.

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This post was originally written 17 July 2017 and was updated 26 June 2019.

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