Thirty Minute Miracle

Do you struggle with finding a system to clean your home? This one thing does not require a binder or huge complex tracking system, is easy to implement, and can be done in thirty minutes, starting now! 

The Thirty Minute Miracle will Change Your Life!


Most of you will make lists of things to do. Many of you will tackle the easiest tasks on the list, because you can accomplish a lot and cross many things off your list. However, the thing that bugs you the most, often remains on the list and gets put off. Then you feel defeated because you never finish your list!

Try the 30 Minute Miracle:

What one thing bugs you the most that needs to be done? Look at the task and break it down into thirty minute parts. Set the timer for thirty minutes; tackle as much as you can on that one thing for about thirty minutes. The goal is to work hard, work fast, and do a fabulous job! Tomorrow you do another thirty minute segment. Within two weeks you will have tackled one to fourteen tasks that bugged you the most! As you apply this one principle, you will notice that this adds up and makes a huge difference within the first 1-2 weeks.

I discovered in thirty minutes I could:
- Steam clean the kitchen floor.
- Remove the marks on the trim with a Mr. Clean eraser.
- Clean one of our two chandeliers.
- Spot clean the living room carpet (takes me two 30 minute segments over two days).
- Dust two sets of wood slat blinds.
- Sweep the front porch.
- Dust all the books and picture frames in the living room.
- Clean a few shelves in the fridge.
- Weed in the yard.
- Fold and put away a load of laundry.
- Clean a kitchen drawer.
- Clean the bathroom.
- Scrub the sink.
- Sort and toss a pile of mail, magazines, or newspapers.
- Clean a closet shelf.
- Clean windows.
And a myriad of other things that can clutter our lives.

Whatever is bugging you the most, choose it. DO IT!!! Break it down time wise if the task is over thirty minutes worth of work. If you take thirty minutes a day that adds up to three hours a week or twelve hours a month. You can accomplish a lot in daily taking thirty minutes. This really adds up!  Remember, this is not about being busy or about tidying! This is about getting what bugs you the most, done each day. Leave the general tidying to do alongside your children. Save the Thirty Minute Miracle for tackling what bugs you the most.

Tools to Make Your Job Easier:
- A 60 minute timer- to time your work.
- An Apron with pockets to use to store small toys in one pocket and trash in the other pocket. This way you can pick up as you go, then empty one pocket into the toy box and the other into the trash, without having to run back and forth.
- Microfiber towels. These are great for all around cleaning and also for cleaning windows.
- "Mr. Clean Eraser" is great on scuff marks and fingerprints on the wood work!

I am enjoying having Thirty Minute Miracle each day! You will be amazed what the Thirty Minute Miracle adds up!

Enjoy the Journey!

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