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Do you remember your most inspiring teachers? They were excited about learning and always had something to share. Moms, you can be that inspiring teacher!!!!

​​​​​​​The number one thing moms can do to spark, ignite, or light their homeschool journey, is to first have a shelf life of their own. I am not talking about putting mom on the shelf. I am not talking about mom checking out for hours and ignoring her home and family. I am talking about reading broadly, moms expanding their horizons, and the transformations that can bring into one's life.

Have you considered becoming a 15-Minute Scholar. That is about learning in bite-sized segments of as little as 15 minutes a day. This surely can make a way for busy moms to obtain and generate this number one spark!

Consider whether you read or not. Ponder your shelf-life, which is your reading life. Do you have one? If you do not have a shelf life, then consider taking as little as 15 minutes a day and getting a one. If you fear you will get sucked in and you want this spark, but only 15 minutes a day, do not forget to set the timer!Read the Bible and then read another 15 minutes in a day. Read about far away times, places, the lives of famous people, learn from their autobiographies, biographies, and get inspired. Read great literature and find the treasures therein. Do not just read for entertainment, read to be a better you.- Cultivate your interest.- Ask questions.

- Let the book guide you as you look up things you do not know.

- Take notes.

- Frame quotes.

- Apply the great principles you glean.

As you take this journey, you will have more exciting things to share with your family. Then you will be that teacher, the one who always has wonderful things to share, the one that inspires children and adults alike. This can change up your homeschool in a big way!


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