Nature? Embracing Summer

We are now at the end of spring. Tuesday, 20 June at 9:24 PM Pacific Time 2017 (each year is different, around the same time) is the official beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere and it is the longest day of the year. This is the point where the sun reaches its northern most point in the year. Then as the earth rotates away from the sun, each day after, days will begin to get shorter. The sun is higher in the sky and the days are hotter. Those living in the Southwest United States the days can be blistering hot. What can moms do to enjoy this time better?

20 Ways for Moms to Embrace Summer...

1. Retire earlier in the evening not long after sunset. Staying up real late then sleeping in, can waste the coolest part of the day.

2. Take a shower before bed and gently turn it to cool; it will help you sleep better.

3. Arise early and take advantage of the cooler part of the day, to be productive.

4. Take a walk before sunrise, while it is still cool.

5. Work in the garden in the morning.

6. Drink more water. Water acts as a coolant in our bodies, helping us endure the heat.

7. Seriously plan a Plan A and Plan B menu. Plan B is an emergency menu for when surprises happen and the day gets sidetracked.

8. Plan to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. They are not heavy, they help clean our systems from heavy foods over the winter, they help cool our bodies, and they provide more nutrients. Perhaps Smoothies for breakfast. Salad lunches. Salad bar with dinner, or salad dinner.

9. Simplify routines.

10. Purge your home of things you no longer use and sell them at a garage sale, online, or gift them to a second hand store to bless others.

11. Do not overschedule your day with too many activities.

12. Eat outside when you can.

13. Take advantage of cross breezes when you can, especially in the evenings or first thing in the mornings when cross winds can blow out the stale air.

14. During the hottest time of day, right after lunch, have a quiet time.

​​​​​​​15. Take time to take of your shoes and feel the cool grass under your feet.

16. Soak your feet and scrub of rough dry skin then massage them with foot cream to moisturize them.

17. Give yourself a facial once a week and get rid of dry skin and moisturize. Place cool cucumber slices on your closed eyes and feel the relief.

18. Take time each day to read the scriptures.

19. Stretch and exercise with your children.

20. Take your children to the park or splash pad and have fun with them.

Most of all... Enjoy the Journey!

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