September 13, 2016

Newsletter: How to Use 10 Minutes to Fill Your Inner Well, Each Day

We live in a time when our lives are over complicated and over scheduled. Sometimes this can be very overwhelming. We all need margins in our lives. Papers that were covered with words from edge to edge, top to bottom are overwhelming to navigate, read, and comprehend. So we have these nice margins that give our eyes and our minds some rest. Just as with papers, we too need margins and space to pause. The bigger picture is that we need to simplify, but that takes time to sort and navigate. Even so, we need to do this simplifying. Meanwhile, we can add margins.

Just as little rests here and there in sheet music, add interest and ease to singing music, we need to find ways to rest, ways which will help us refill our well. We have moments that appear throughout our busy days. Those can refresh us, or fill us with a sense of:"What just happened?" What often happens is that we can check out in a digital game or start scrolling social media. This may give us a little pause, but this usually does not refill and refresh us.

20 Ways to Use 10 Minutes to Fill Your Inner Well...

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