Newsletter~ A Personal Question (Fall 2017)

It has been a season since I asked these questions. Before I ask, for two years now, since January 2016, I have been doing weekly FREE Live Home School webinars on various topics and among those are the monthly FREE Live Homeschool Essentials Webinars, Homeschool Q & A Webinars, and Power of an Hour Webinars. These were in response to the many emails and questions asked by homeschool moms.

We have grown in size since I stopped and asked this question the last time. Many of you became members of our Facebook Group, We have grown to over 860! Many joined our "Ditch the Stress-Invite the Calm 90 Day Challenge," through our Facebook group. Some even engaged in the various polls I have done to discover "What homeschool topics would you find most helpful on a webinar? You may add ideas. These polls helped me see what topics to address on the webinars. I feel it is important that I pause now and ask how we are doing?

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