Newsletter~ 6 Steps to a Wonderful Homeschool Year!

A new school year is upon us. Some homeschool year round, some make the seasons part of their curriculum of life. Others take a break. For many though, school is about ready to start. Here are some steps to smooth the way:

6 Steps to a Wonderful Homeschool Year!​​​​​​​

1. Momculture 

Take time to take care of you, so you have the clarity of what is important and the spiritual, emotional, and physical strength to enjoy the journey. Do not scoff. This is vital. Too many moms neglect themselves and it hurts not just them, but their families, too. You can homeschool, create a beautiful home, and take care of yourself, as well.

2. Pray and Journal

Pray about homeschooling. Read your scriptures. Write down your answers. Why are you homeschooling? Be crystal clear. This will help strengthen you during the harder days.

3. Pulse 

Check the pulse. Assess your strengths and your family's strengths and areas that need strengthening. What is the vision you are trying to accomplish?

4. MAP 

Map your journey. What books and resources do you want in your home? What family traditions and resources are needed to promote literacy, education, money management, social, emotional and spiritual health, etc.?

5. Foundations

What routines and habits do you need to build for homeschool to run smoothly?

  • Family Devotions?
  • Family Meal Time Traditions
  • Road to Independent Work? The Discipline of Habit? Family Work? Dominion Training? and Domion Training?
  • Leisure to Learn?
  • Family Recital?
  • Quiet Time?
  • Family Fun?
  • Wild Days? Nature Walks?
  • Crazy Days? Field trips?
  • Cultural Refinement?Bed
  • Bed time Routines?

6. Record Keeping 

This can be as easy as a composition book. Start each page with recording the learning you did with your children that day. Add each child. What did you teach each child individually? What did they learn independently?

​​​​Enjoy the Journey!​​​​​​​

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