October 17, 2016

Newsletter: 12 Ways to Re-energize

Do you have enough energy? Do you feel stressed??? The weather is cooling and people tend to stay cooped up inside. The flu season is coming on and nothing makes you more vulnerable to catch the flu than not taking care of yourself. Besides, handwashing, taking care of yourself and dissipating stress can help you have a stronger immune system, give you a better chance of staying healthy during the colder months, and re-energize you!

12 Ways to Re-Energize 

1. Get Plenty of Beauty Sleep

Many of us are tired or rundown simply because we do not get enough beauty sleep. What is beauty sleep? Beauty sleep consists of the hours of sleep before midnight. As we grow old. our body still needs beauty sleep. Those hours set the stage for the body working to heal itself after midnight.

Most of us need about 8 hours of sleep a night. NASA research found that our bodies can usually adjust about 1 hour either way over a 24 hour period. When we stay up late on weekends or pull all-nighters, it can take days to recover!

When we are sleep deprived it depletes our immune systems and our systems then lack the tools to fight illness.

2. Eat Wholesome Foods

Many of us do not get enough nutrient dense foods. Now is autumn time. The air is getting colder. During cold weather we need foods that take longer to digest to give us steady long term energy. Besides our normal energy expenditures we also expend energy to keep warm. High fiber foods, proteins, and fats take longer to digest and help keep blood sugar even. Fiber helps our digestive-tract, eliminate toxins.​

Foods high in polyphenols are important to healthy gut colonies. Dark berries, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, as well as many herbs and spices are rich sources pf polyphenols!​

Nutrient dense foods available at this time of year, added to beauty sleep, can provide the body with nutrients to re-energize us, make those body repairs, and fight disease.​

What about picky eaters? Having children help prepare food increases their likelihood of enjoying vegetables. Experiment and try different recipes. Use good ingredients. I had Chicken Divan at a friend's house. So, I decided to make it for my family. I used bottled lemon juice and my family rejected the recipe. But my friend had squeezed real lemons into her recipe, so I made the recipe again. I had a son that loved it and would request it for his birthday. I am glad I tried again and used better ingredients!!! Offer options like salad bar, potato bar, Hawaiian Haystacks, taco bar, Pizza bar, etc. and let children build their own meal.​

Planning a menu and a plan b menu (alternate quick to make foods you can substitute when plans get bumped), will help you assure wholesome foods. Without a plan people tend to graze. If you retire earlier, you are more likely to rise earlier and be more consistent in getting meals to the table regularly. Regular consistent meals make it easier to maintain energy throughout the day.​

3. Drink Enough Pure Water!!!

Getting enough pure water can boost our energy! Most of us just do not drink enough pure water. If your water tastes bad, get a filter. Our bodies need lots of water. When there is not enough water coming into the body, the body retains water and the liver picks up the slack for the kidneys; which takes away from what the liver needs to do. Pure water helps remove waste and toxins from the body. It also helps cool the body and can help with weight loss.​

How much should a person drink? It depends on size, weight, how active a person is, and how hot it is. We need at least 1/2 ounce of water for every pound of body weight. At first, as water is increased, so do bathroom visits. As the body adjusts and helps release water retained, this improves over time. High activity and high heat may increase water needs.​

4.​  Get Outside

​Getting outside in the fresh air can boost our energy and our mood. Are you suffering from nature deficit? Sunshine, fresh-air, and green surroundings are so healing and energizing to the body and the mind.

In the Northern Hemisphere, if you live North of Phoenix, from October through April, the sun's angle results in people not being able to make vitamin D3 from the sun. Just 20 minutes unfiltered sun between 10 AM and 2 PM is all you need, from spring to fall. Build up your stores over the season, because the half-life of D3 is a month.​

Many people struggling with depression have been tested and show low vitamin D3 levels. Vitamin D3 deficiency has also been tied to miscarriages.​

The daily need of vitamin D3 to prevent rickets can be met through diet, but the vitamin D3 needs to develop good health, is difficult to get through what we eat.​

If you spend most of your time inside even during good moths for vitamin D production, or if you are non-dairy and not a seafood eater, there is a decent chance you may have vitamin D3 levels. You might want to have them checked.

5. Move Your Body

Moving our bodies can ignite the metabolism and re-energize us. I believe that God created the human body to move and act. While some cannot move due to accident, disease, or birth, most of us can and should move. We live in a sedentary society. We just plain sit too much!​

In the morning, it is great to gently stretch before getting out of bed. I just keep my feet in the L position. I have cramped my feet, when I pointed my feet. Getting out of bed and gently working through the body stretching can be invigorating.

At the warmer time during the day, walk through the neighborhood and enjoy the changes of the seasons.

Build up that walking to handle greater distances.

If it is cold outside use judgement and know that when you come in you can take a hot shower or bath, put on dry clothes and warm your insides with hot soup or cocoa.

I know if I am working hard, if I will stop and walk around the block I am refreshed and can work better. This is good for children too!

6. Breathe

Deep breaths are so energizing and can send oxygen to all the cells. Most people hold their breath or breathe shallowly when in deep thought, never fully clearing the bad air from their lungs. Taking in slow deep breaths and then exhaling slowly, exhaling as much as you can, is a simple way to de-stress, is free, and can be done anywhere.​

7. Laugh

Laughing can energize you and make stress simply melt away! A hardy whole body laugh can release stress and elevate your mood. Start keeping a little Laugh Book of jokes and personal experiences that make you laugh. Have a good laugh every day.​

8.  Take a Refreshing Bath

A detox bath can be energizing and invigorating. I do not know about you, but I am a shower person. Well, with one exception, a nice detox bath! Sitting in a dry sauna can cause you to sweat out toxins, but I find a detox bath more enjoyable!​

Epson Salts are not salt, but magnesium sulfate. In 1900, most Americans got enough magnesium through their diet and modern standard American diet has about 1/2 that. My aunt told me that if I could not take the magnesium orally, her generation used an Epson Salt bath. Magnesium is used in hundreds of metabolic processes. The sulfate helps detox the body. Because, the bath draws out toxins, you will need to drink a glass of water before the bath. In the past when, I have been given the gift of going to a spa, they always had me drink water before detoxing. Use 1 cup for adults under 100 lbs. and twice that for adults over 100 Lbs.​

When I was sick with influenza, I found myself not eating or drinking much. At one point, a health coach friend suggested an Epson Salt bath. I took a 30 minute, hot Epson Salt bath with a teaspoon of ground ginger and a stick of cinnamon. Interestingly, after the bath, I turned the corner and began to recover. I felt replenished and refreshed.​

Other people add baking soda, vinegar, sea salt, and essential oils for their immune boosting, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties, as well as, the nutrients it provides the skin and their other refreshing properties. If you add essential oils, be careful getting out, the tub can be slippery.​

I have used baking soda alone and it left me feeling amazingly refreshed!

9. Declutter your Schedule

Less is more and you can re-energize by prayerfully decluttering your life. Over-scheduling can be stressful. At times, we need to take every external thing off our plate and prayerfully consider what really needs to be there at this time. Our society has gone overboard with adult led children's activities for young children. Young children will gain more long term and future academic benefits from more time at the park, climbing, jumping, spinning, running, sliding, swinging, spinning, etc. than in adult led sports programs for young children. Choose the park and play with your children for less stress!​

10. Do Something You Enjoy!

Choosing to do something we enjoy can re-energize us when we are feeling stressed. Doing things we enjoy can be satisfying and stress reducing. Often times we are stressed because we put off living. When stressed, take a break, do something you enjoy for an hour. Pull out that book you have wanted to read, watch that old movie, invite friends to a potluck lunch, plan a weekly (or monthly) craft night with friends, or keep your favorite craft in a basket close at hand. When you have need of a break, grab that basket and do something enjoyable for an hour.​

11. Establish Quiet Time

Quiet time with all of it slow down activities, can re-energize us. Whether you children are young, beyond naps or older, declare a 90 minute quiet time after lunch. Work up to it if possible. They do not have to nap, but can read or do some other quiet activity in their room. You could take a 20 minute power nap, you could read, or grab that craft basket and work on a hobby.​

12. Ditch the Stress, Invite the Calm!

There is nothing like Ditching the Stress and inviting the calm in our lives to bring renewed energy. Catch the Webinar live or on replay and learn how to Ditch the Stress!​ Join the Ditch the Stress, Invite the Calm, Create a Beautiful Home and Become a Victory Lady 90 Day Spring into Action Challenge on our Mentoring Our Own Facebook Group.

​Enjoy the journey!

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