July 17, 2015

Freedom Factors

This article is another take on freedom. More directly, this is my take on some essential factors of–

F. R. E. E. D. O. M.

Family- The basic unit of society is the family and has been since the beginning of time. It is into families that children are born. It is the responsibility of families to raise children and prepare them for citizenship and the reponsibilities of adult life.

Relationships- Community is built on the relationship between neighbors, beginning with relationships within the family.

Education- Freedom depends on an educated citizenry, for the truth will make them free!

Enterprise- The free exchanges of labor and fruits of our labors is vital to a free and vibrant society.

Discipleship- "Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people…" John Adams. Faith in God is a foundational principal of freedom.

Order- Lack of order can be a stumbling block and can undermine our freedom.

Missions- Each person is born to a family and that is our first mission, to care for one another in the family. We were also born at this time, with abilities that need polish, and a purpose we were to perform.

What are your freedom factors?

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