5 Great Laundry Tips!

Laundry never seems to end. There is always more laundry to do tomorrow. Streamline doing laundry. Invite your family to a folding party. Laundry Day is always more enjoyable when shared! 

Laundry Tip One: Sorting
Divide the whites from colors and delicate weight fabric from heavier fabrics. I do towels, sheets, whites, color heavy, color light weight, delicates, small rugs.  Sometimes there are other loads such as a down comforter, or seasonal clothes. Whites washed with colors eventually turn dingy. Empty pockets, unroll sleeves, and turn T-shirts with silk screened designs inside-out (this will protect the design in the dryer). Lightweight fabrics washed with heavier fabrics wear out faster.

Laundry Tip Two: Washing
Wash laundry in the safest hottest water for the fibers being washed. Usually there are instructions on the fabric tag inside the garment.

Laundry Tip Three: Timing is Everything!
Set the timer and attend to the load immediately when the load is finished. You are a busy person. Dovetail and let the laundry wash and dry while you do other things.

Laundry Tip Four: Drying
When removing laundry from the washer to put in the dryer, shake each piece of laundry out. That way the laundry will roll freely in the dryer and not be wadded up.  They will dry faster this way.

Laundry Tip Five: Follow Through
Have a folding party! Talk and listen to family members as you fold laundry and match socks. Save time by putting laundry away immediately! Laundry that is put away is less likely to get all wrinkled, need extra ironing, or end up on the floor and back in the hamper. This step really is a work saver!


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