September 21, 2015

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Welcome to Fall! This is the perfect time to walk and enjoy nature. I have been walking in the mornings during the summer to avoid the heat. Early fall is just right weather for walks.

A year ago on 18 September, I was in a car accident.I was hit from behind at an intersection near my home.Yes, I was sidelined for months as my body went through the healing process! Thank goodness for Atlas Orthoganal Chiropractor, Dr. Chris Chapman. He helped me regain my balance and helped me heal. He does not twist and force my joints!

This is the only body I get. So, I am working on my health. Taking care of our health is important. The women in my family live a long life. I want to be able to enjoy that life!

My strategy during the summer was keep walking. I went for distance first and then after I adjusted to the distance I went for speed. I arose early to beat the heat of the sun. I am loving this end of summer transition into fall as the weather cools.

Yes, the weight gained during the months of recovery came off on my walks. I am finding that even at 60, my body is responding well and I am stronger than I thought. The walking is not only exercise, but a great stress management tool, as well.

Walking is working for me. What strategies work for you?