September 18, 2015

70 Days until Thanksgiving!

When I was a youth, I read a quote that made me think deeply. I do not remember the author or the exact words, but this is the thought, "Add to you thoughts of thanksgiving, acts of thanks living!" I have since tried to live a life of gratitude. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! So much so, I like to give it a whole month!

Did you know that including today that there are only 70 days left until Thanksgiving? I love to begin a month of gratitude on November 1st. This means I have 44 days left to prepare for our Month of Gratitude.

I have a Thanksgiving Devotional we have used for several years. We had a Christmas Devotional and I liked the idea so I created a Thanksgiving devotional with my daughter. A scripture of gratitude, a poem or hymn, and a short story. This was a special way to wind down at the end of the day.

One year we created a tree silhouette on the wall, we wrote what we were grateful for on paper leaves, and attached those leaves to the branches. I have hung picture rails on that wall so it is not longer available for that gratitutde tree. Other years we filled a jar full of gratitude and read it Thanksgiving evening. I like this!  I am beginning early enough this year to find a real branch and paint it for my little gratitude season tree. I know other ideas will surface as well.

I will post about my plans as November draws closer.