April 24, 2015

Welcome to the Mentoring Our Own Blog!

Welcome to my Mentoring Our Own blog. This is my new, optimized, all-in-one website. I will blog here about homeschool, home, family, and life! That about covers everything, doesn't it?

Mentoring Our Own was originally a yahoo group I started in January 2002. The group was an online home for our local homeschool study group. My intention was to broadcast reminders of upcoming group meetings. It was also a place where we would each recap our take on the meeting for those who missed the meeting. Within the first month after I launched the yahoo group, the group had grown from our local area, to other states and countries. While the group was mostly homeschool moms, we had several homeschool dads as well. Most did not live locally and wanted to know what we discussed at the meeting. Then discussions were continued online.

Why did I choose the PINECONE base for my logo?

Mentoring Our Own-pinecone_acornThe base has a central point with spirals of seeds rotating from the center. This represents to me the influence of a mom on generations after her. So, this represents the influence of the hand that rocks the cradle. To me, the PINECONE is an elegant symbol for mentoring.

Where did the "Homeschool Mommy Mentor" title come from?

I have been menotring moms since I arrived home from my honeymoon!  We were in college and many of the women I knew had been raised and prepared for only a career path. These women had not been prepared for home, family and so many other skills that make up a whole life. While many of these women did chores when growing up, they did not know how to run a home. Years later, when I began home schooling, I saw this trend of being prepared for a career, but not a whole life, begin to undermine the success of homeschool families. Since then, I have discovered many non-homeschooling moms struggle with the same difficulties.

Mentoring Our Own-donna goff_icon_illustrated iconSeveral years ago, I presented at a large local homeschool support meeting. When I finished the Q and A at the end of my presentation, I noticed a clipboard being passed around. I had not sent it and wondered what was on the clipboard. When the clipboard arrived in my hands I looked down and written across the top was "PLEASE MOMMY ME!" Below the title I discovered the names of most of the women in attendance. I was humbled by this experience. Something similiar happened again at another presentation. I had compassion for these women. They wanted to homeschool, and they wanted to experience Victory, not guilt, in keeping their homes and families. I had become the Homeschool Mommy Mentor.

I invite you to explore my new website! The website is in beta mode this first month. I want to make this site the best it can be. So, If you should discover problems, please contact me so I can fix things as soon as possible. Possitive feedback also welcome! You can contact me at: donna (at) mentoringourown.com. (I used "at" instead of "@" to avoid spam bots). 


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