Self-Care Hygge in Winter

We are now in early winter and the weather is cold. I love this time of year. I love winter, especially,  the New Year with its clean slate and so much potential.

Winter smells of fresh baked breads, cinnamon, peppermint, pomanders, and pine, are amazing.

The goodwill, hopefulness and plans of the new year can set the stage for an awesome year full of poetential. Yet, I realize that this is also a time of that can be overwhelming to moms. Restarting homeschool after the Christmas season, can often feel difficult. All the more reason we need to pause and consider taking care of ourselves, so we are better able to rise to the challenge, so we are more able to enjoy the journey.

We need simplify our lives, do less and relish more. We also need to take time to nurture ourselves. We need to hygge, just for ourselves. Below are seven simple things we can do to hygge ourselves, so we can better enjoy winter.

7 Ways for You to Hygge Self-Care in Winter

1. Value Yourself

Who can find a virtuous woman? Her price is far above rubies. (Proverbs 31:10) Our intrinsic self-worth as a child of a loving God is not based on our body shape, our wardrobe, the state of our home, or paycheck. We get messages all the time that we are not just right, we are too big, too small, too poor, too whatever, and never about us being enough. We are enough, with Him! Yes, with Him, we are enough to do all He has for us to do.

Value yourself enough not to over-schedule. We may be able to do it all, just not all the time.  Hygge is valuing ourselves and our relationships enough to we prioritize ourselves and our relationships.

2. Snag a Date

​Snag a date with God! Take time to worship Him. Carry a hymn in your heart. If needs be, trade childcare with a friend and carve some time out to spend time with God. Ponder and express gratitude for every blessing in your life!

Snag a date with yourself! Even if it is just enough time make a snow angel or watch the moonrise. Sometimes my date with myself is a walk through a museum.

Snag a date with your husband! Look for free exhibits, concerts, and cultural happenings. Rent a movie, use Netflix, or pull a favorite from your own collection.

Snag a date with your children, one at a time. Dates do not have to costly or extravagant, time together, listening, talking, giving love, showing appreciation, and recognizing their victories.

Snag a date with friends. It can be as simple as a potluck luncheon or a soup supper and hot rolls.

Prioritizing people and relationships are hygge.

3. Be Grateful

Studies have shown that grateful people are the happiest. Gratitude is a choice. Choose gratitude in all things. Look for the good. Stewing on things we cannot change, can drain us of the vital energy we need to be able to do all we need to do as wives and mothers. Taking time to count our blessings and truly be grateful can lift and replenish us. Gratitude for simple blessings, great and small, brings contentment and is hygge.

4. Be Centered

With the new year, goals and plans, it is so easy to get pulled in one direction and then another. Take time each day with the Lord, re-center your life and prioritize what is most important to you. Prioritizing and centering is hygge.

5. Enjoy Margins 

​Everybody needs margins in their lives. Have a ninety minute quiet time after lunch. Choose a quiet hobby, to relax. Learn to knit, embroider, read a good book, quilt, crochet, tat, or some other pass time that is soothing. Busy your hands while listening to inspiring music, listening to an audio book, listening to a podcast, watching a TED Lecture, or watching a movie. Margins in our lives are hygge.

6. Prioritize Health 

​Eat regular meals and add more tasty vegetables. Drink water. Take long walks during the warmer times of the day. Take a cleansing, relaxing, candle-lit bath. Retire earlier. Arise earlier. Prioritizing your health is hygge.

7. Look Ahead

​Look ahead. With a little planning, your days can be simple, joyful, memorable, and hygge.

As we do these things I am confident that we can find hygge the season.


NOTE: This was revised and updated 14 January 2019, originally posted 9 January 2018.

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NOTE: This was revised and updated 14 January 2019, originally posted 9 January 2018.

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