Newsletter~Creating a Joyous an Hygge Christmas

The hustle and bustle of the season can at times be anything but hygge. This post is about how to bring more joy and hygge into your life during this time.

10 Ways to Create a Joyful and Hygge Christmas

The tendency for many moms is to take December off from their homeschool and also their home routines. This can cause more challenges then you might realize. So, I advise not to ditch routines, as they are even more important when life gets crazy, and very hard to resestablish after the Holidays. I also advise not to ditch homeschool during December, just make some adjustments. Make Christmas the teme of homeschool.

Here are ten ways to have a more joyous and hygge Christmas:

1. I suggest that you not set aside regular routines. They are so hard to set and discipline ourselves to carry out. Perhaps scale back on the time, but do not drop home routines altogether. If you maintain a basic routine, life will be easier to manage, and more likely to have hygge.

2. Keep your personal devotions each day. Moms need this time to gather their thoughts, feel peace, receive strength, and make wise use of their time and their family's time, by not over scheduling. This is hygge.

3. Take a little time each day to take a short walk, do stretches in the living room, or dance to the music. Invite the children to join you. This way you can be invigorated and the children have an outlet for their energy! taking care of yourself is hygge.

4. Keep your schedule light, avoid over booking your time and your family's time. This gives space for hygge.

5. When selecting activities in or outside the home, be selective. Choose activities that will build unity and memories. Don't forget to take pictures! Prioritizing family is Hygge.

6. Create a menu and simplify meals. Take one afternoon and prepare and freeze several meals for days when things become too busy. Another easy way is double recipes you are preparing each day and freeze one for another day. Simplifying meals by preparing ahead, free you to hygge with family and friends.

7. Dovetail your personal reading by sharing the book with your family in a read aloud. Cherishing time with family and sharing a wonderful book is hygge.

8. Make christmas the theme of homeschool for December. You can have the fun, sing the songs, bake, sew and allthe things you associate with Christmas in your family traditions. Just see those activities as the Curriculum. Check last week's newsletter for ideads of how to hygge homeschool Christmas.

9. Rather than doing the Elf on the Shelf, which takes a lot of time for mom to do, consider doing a "Fill the Cradle" activity. Each member draws a name to do secret service for. When the service is rendered anonymously, a note is left. And the recipient of the service places the note under the manger or next to it (for the next person doing service to leave...I usually have a stack of notes for people to leave when service is rendered) and places straw in the manger. This is less work for mom, more spontaneous, and very hygge.

10. Take time each evening to wind down and draw the family together with an evening devotional, whether it be using a devotional book or simply reading a few Bible passages, singing a carol, and kneeling together in family prayer. This is hygge.

May your home be filled with joy and hygge this Christmas season!


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