Busy Hands- Serving and Learning

When my children were young, I would let them snuggle next to me, draw on paper, or build on the floor at my feet while I read aloud to them. 

Then I met Gail. She shared with me what she did with her children while she read aloud. I thought she was genius! Her five children were 3-16. She taught them all how to hat loom on circular plastic hat looms. Yes, even the three year old. She told her children that there were people who did not have the money for warm hats, clothes, and blankets. Then she showed them how to hat loom. They were eager to help the people who were cold. That fall as Gail read aloud to her children and taught them from my Power of an Hour curriculum, her children were busy serving and also learning.

Once a week she took one of her older children to a local church to help make quilts for those in need. The other older children helped watch the younger ones. As each child had their turn to help quilt, they were learning too.

I contacted some local sources and shared with my children about those in need. In no time, they were hat looming and doing other service projects with their hands while I was reading aloud and teaching them. As their hands were busy serving, they were indeed learning.

You might want to consider what serving can do for your children's learning.


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