Let Your Imagination Take Flight!

"I have been compensated with tickets to this event, as a thank you for writing this blog post." This post is my thoughts and feelings about this exciting event.

Let Your Imagination Take Flight!

I am so excited for the new exhibit opening in August at the Leonardo Museum in Salt Lake City, Utah.  They have chosen to curate a new exhibit on "Flight." This will not be a traveling exhibit!  They will have a C-131 Military Transport plane and a Russian Mig Fighter Jet among the exhibit. "The C-131 has 2 million rivets all welded in place by hand!"  The museum will also have activities and interactives to teach attendees about the three kinds of flight:
"Buoyant flight (hot air balloons)
Aerodynamic flight (airplanes)
Ballistic flight (missiles and rockets)."

They will have flight simulators, a real rocket pack, and so much more.

In October 1961, when my family moved to Hawaii, we flew from Travis Air Force Base in California to Hickham Air Force Base in Hawaii on a C-131.  It was an 11.5 hour flight!  I am excited because as a six year old girl, I got to fly as a passenger on a C-131. Back in 1961, not many American children got to be on airplanes. We were moving to Hawaii for my dad to be able to test missiles for the Navy. I want to share this event with my family.  Actually, even if I had never been on a C-131 this would be epic!  This is a hands on experience. They say we can climb over the plane, walk the wings, play with the cockpit instrument panel. I want my grandchildren to see and experience this exhibit, as well.  

 As most children do, ​I too love the story of flight, from Leonardo, to the Wright Brothers, to Space travel!  This fuels the imagination. I cannot think of a better way to blast off the new school year. I love what the Leonardo Museum is doing with this and cannot wait to go see this exhibit. 

Donate and Save
This exhibit is opening in early August. The Leonardo is running a kickstarter to help fund this exhibit! As a generous thank you if you donate $30 you will get 4 tickets to the "Flight" exhibit, a bomber hat and goggles, and you also get a treat at the cafe. The regular retail price for the tickets is $12.95 per ticket. "This is almost $5 off adult tickets and $3 off the lowest kids pricing" I think this is an awesome deal!  

The World's Largest Field Trip
Donate $50 and you get 4 tickets the the Pre-Grand Opening Event held on 5 August 2016 from 1-4 PM. This event has been dubbed the Wolrd's Largest Field Trip.

To support the kickstarter and save on your tickets, click this link: https://www.generosity.com/community-fundraising/flight-exhibit-at-the-leonardo

For a chance to win a FREE Family Plus Pass to the Museum for one year, go to our facebook page. This Giveaway ends 11 July!  CONGRATULATIONS SHAREE HALE JONES!  You won our GIVEAWAY!!!!  

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