Creating a Beautiful Home

I have been known to "fly by the seat of my pants." That really means I did things by mood and usually in crisis mode. Have you ever heard the phrases– "I work best in a crisis?" Or "I work best under pressure?" I do not really think that is true, I think it is something we tell ourselves. Why would that be a problem? Because I think it is an excuse for poor work that has been procrastinated. I am really capable of doing soooo much better.

I had put important, but non-urgent things off and could no longer endure what it was doing to my family and home. Yes, I kept a tidy ship, living mostly on minimum maintenance, tidying rooms, floors, and dusting. I did this with the children. Deep cleaning and purging had to wait for when I had time. That time does not happen unless you make a choice to do deep cleaning rather than something else. This was like mowing the lawn instead of weeding; living in minimum maintenance is only about appearance. That is an insane way to live. Friends always remarked that my home was so clean. Minimum maintenance fooled them, but I knew better. A tidy home may looks nice, but like hidden sin, I knew, and God knew. I was really living a lie.

What changed me? One thing that changed me was contemplating creativity and that I create my world by my choices. Yes, through the choices I make, I create my world. I choose how to interact with people and things. I choose my attitudes. I choose what my priorities are by the things I do. Heavenly Father can help me see what is important each day and inform those choices.

The minimum maintenance of daily and weekly things still needs to be done. I started out years ago deep cleaning by having cleaning cards– daily, every other day, weekly, monthly, annually. I did that when we lived in Colorado and I recreated them here. However, if something unexpected happened I was thrown off and either had to postpone to the next rotation or double up to catch up. That did not work for me anymore. It is a great exercise to know all that needs to be done in a space, but as a system, yikes.

I have moved away from the card system and into a zone type system of rhythms for deep cleaning my home.This was all part of my rethinking process! My new system of seven zones has emerged. Divide the home by areas and priority and work through them day by day for a given time. Start by tidying and then clean ceiling to floor. If you get interrupted for a few days due to illness, vacation, major high priority projects, etc. Pick up where you left off and continue forward. 

My zones…

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