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Creating a Beautiful Home
Ditch the Stress, Invite the Calm: The Next Step

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Do you struggle to run a home and home school, too?

Are you tired of the purge and chaos cycle?

Do you need a plan to manage your home that is flexible?

Do detailed schedules bog you down?

Are you tired of feeling behind?

Believe it or not you can have an orderly home without long check off lists, or rigid schedule. Here you will learn simple strategies that work. Never be behind again! This workshop is based on zone and the value of 30 minutes blocks. You will also create your own home management record system.


  • Creating a Beautiful Home Webinar
  • Creating a Beautiful Home Record Keeping System

 "Come learn how!
Homeschool Q & A
" follows. 

Donna Goff
The Homeschool Mommy Mentor

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Thursday, 20 April 2017 
at 1:00 PM Pacific Time.
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