October 12, 2015

A Homeschool Essential- Crazy Days

Call them what you will: field trips, excursions, a day out, or outings! I call them Crazy days and they are essential to homeschool. When I was a child and would ask my mother where she was going she would say, "Crazy, wanna come along?" I never did ask what she meant. She never said whether she was going crazy or to a crazy place.

This I know, going crazy was an adventure! Sure sometimes it was grocery shopping or the library. We also caught matinee movies, plays, musicals, and concerts. We went to museums, the beach, hiked and climbed mountains. For me, "Goin' Crazy" was just as much a part of my childhood education as being in the classroom was. In fact, the symphony and musical matinees for often during school days./span>

As a mom, I feel these Crazy Days are essential to the vitality of homeschool. It changes things up. Crazy days create social interactions that neither children in public school, nor those at home in homeschool, get to experience. These social interactions are often with adults who are passionate about what they do. Then there is the educational value. Attending a live concert or live play is so much more interesting then seeing a broadcast. But even a broadcast is better than nothing. Then there are powerful things that happen to our health and well being, just being outside. Half of the year it is a vitamin D3 boost. The landscape is constantly changing. There is always something new to see. The walking dissipates stress and lifts the mood. For children it can be a much needed way to expend pent up energy. Yes, sometimes our Wild Days and Crazy Days seem to merge. Crazy Days, whether they are inside at a cultural venue, outside doing a Wild Day, taking in nature, or going to the store (using math in context), is something I do not want to live without.

We try to include a Crazy Day at least once a week. What do you think? Could a Crazy Day be just what your family needs?

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