Welcome to the Mentoring Our Own Blog!

Welcome to my Mentoring Our Own blog. This is my new, optimized, all-in-one website. I will blog here about homeschool, home, family, and life! That about covers everything, doesn't it? Mentoring Our Own was originally a yahoo group I started in January 2002. The group was an online home for our local homeschool study group. […]

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Homeschool Essentials Registration 11.16.17

HomeSchool Essentials Webinar~Give Your Child an EDGE in LifeHomeschooling the Preschool YearsThursday, 16 November 2017, at 1:00 PM Pacific Time2:00 PM Mountain Time, 3:00 PM Central Time, and 4:00 PM Eastern TimePlease share the link below with friends who may be interested. What can you do with preschool children to help prepare them for academics and life?  […]

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