Dad, 3 Ways You Can Bless Your Homeschooled Children

Dad, you are so important in the lives of their wife and children!

​Many dads just feel that they are little more than a pay check to their family. It does not have to be this way. You can change this!!! Work done away from home, in a career can be exhausting, as can work in the home can be for a mom with the children. Because it is hard for both of you, it is not a competition, no one gets a pass. When you arrive home you are a husband and a father. Mom is a wife and mother. The time together at the end of the day of hard work, is a time for building and restoring each other and the family. You lift her and she lifts you, while you work with and enjoy the family.

​Here are ways you can bless your homeshooling family.

1. Lead by Example

Be the kind of man you want your sons to grow up to be and the kind of man you want your daughters to marry!

Lead your children by your example of faith and in giving them hope. Help them connect with the Lord through studying His word together, worshiping together, and praying together. Lead them in finding joy in their daily walk with God, by finding joy in yours. When you struggle with uncertainty, hardship, or grief, let them see how your faith helps you deal with life. Lead them in how to solve conflict in godly ways.

Lead them to know that "[You] can do all things through Christ, which strengthens [you]." Lead them in example in how to work hard, do quality work and work with a happy heart, by working with them.

You can encourage learning by leading with example and sharing what you are learning. Dinner time is a great time to share what you learned that day.

Lead your children by example in ditching the stress. Work hard and then play with them. Lead them by example in learning what wholesome recreation can do to strengthen relationships and recreate their vital energy. Lead them to learn the difference between wholesome recreational activities and just being entertained.

2. Read to Your Children

Reading to your children promotes literacy and education, as it builds relationships and language development. A recent study from Harvard showed that children benefit more from their dads reading bedtime stories to them, than their mothers.  

As you read aloud, you not only bless your children, but bless your own reading, as well. Reading aloud can be relaxing; just what a hard working dad needs after a long day!

Read to them stories of famous people, other times, and other lands. If reading is hard because it has been a while, listen to the book on audio (librivox is free) first, learn the story line, build your vocabulary, and improve your reading skills. Most boys tend to struggle with reading at first. 

If you read to your sons, you will inspire them to work at learning to read.

Encourage them with your example. You reading aloud to your children can change their lives for the good and forever!

3. Invest

Dad, invest in your wife and children's homeschool journey. I am not talking about just providing money. You selected an awesome woman to marry. She is intelligent and sees what the children need. She is courageous and selfless in choosing this journey. Do you have doubts? Worries? or Fears about homeschooling? She was wise enough to choose you, wasn't she? Give her the benefit of your support.

Invest some time to undestand what she wants to do in homeschoooling.

Invest in her and your family by informing yourself about homeschooling methods and theories.

Ask your wife to share with you what books she has read, what homeschool speakers she has listened to, and what method or philosophy she has chosen and why.

Are you concerned about college? Then check and you will find that many elite colleges and universities accept and are recruiting homeschoolers! You will find that most homeschoolers do well in college.

You and your wife should be on the same page in your understanding about your children, their development, homeschooling, and vision for your children's education. Not being on the same page can become a distraction to your children's learning and can delay their development. Being on the same page is a unifying force in a family and strengthens the family.

Dad, you can be a powerful influence for good in the life of your family! These three simple principles of Leading, Reading, and Investing, will bless your children and your wife in a way few things can. You may already be doing some of these things. Please consider all of them.

What do you think? How can you use these principles in your life and home?







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