June 5, 2015

Tutorial for Dining Table Geography

Years ago we remodeled our kitchen and it left nowhere to place our maps for school.  One day I took the maps out to look at them.  Because they were laminated and rolled up, they were curled and would not lay flat. I got out my blow dryer to relax the maps flat.  My daughter asked, "What is this?  National Treasure?"  That instant I realized the map needed to be right there on the table. I went to Walmart and bought a vinyl table cloth and medium weight clear vinyl just long enough to drape about nine inches off each end of the table. Today, I thought I would take pictures to show you what I did.

The map comes in handy when we are studying "Currents in Time" (current events), Bible study, "What Happened On this Day in History?," "Power of an Hour," and at other interesting times. We learn from the map before us as we eat.  We notice things we might never have noticed. "Dining Table Geography" is a great way to spark interest in the study of Geography.


First, I placed the lovely vinyl table cloth on the table.  The table cloth created a lovely boarder to make the maps appear as a lovely picture.

Vinyl Table Cloth 001

Second, I layered the maps so the world map centered over the table cloth. I heated the map with the blow dryer and let it cool.

2 Maps

Third, I topped the maps with the clear vinyl with equal drop at each end of the table.

Vinyl Table Cloth 003

When we have guests and want to set a nice table we slip a nice tablecloth over the vinyl. However, many guests requested we leave the map in plain view, as they had never eaten over a map before. This sure becomes a conversation piece!

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